New Calculator, “The Abacus” Announced!


It never fails. You’re taking the lunch order for your office, and everything is fine until the total runs past $20. Suddenly you can’t just use YOUR fingers and toes, now you need to include your coworker’s dirty feet too. And who wants to be near that many stinky toes right before lunch?

Luckily, a non-fingers and toes based calculator has been announced, the “Abacus”. Way more portable than a stone slate, and you can even customize with multiple colors! Support your favorite March Madness team as you add!

Check out the link below for some more information, and then tell us in the comments: how much are you drooling over all that sweet computing power?

Abacus information

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3 Comments on "New Calculator, “The Abacus” Announced!"

  1. Holy crap! Wait until the other statisticians in my group see this!

  2. LOL, there’s doubtless an iPhone/Android app for that. 😉

  3. My wife is an Abacus Mental Math teacher and my son is a “Black belt” of Abacus Mental Math (Professional level). By learning Abacus Mental Math for a year, a 6 year-old can do 4 operators computation without using any tool at all that most of high schooler students cannot do and still rely on caculators. It is so powerful that you may wish you had learned it.

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