Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 Review

Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 Review

So how often have you wanted to use two SIMs with your iPhone 4?  Perhaps you have a work line and a personal  line?  Perhaps you’re an international traveller and its much cheaper to use a local SIM where you are going.  Then let’s add the idea that you don’t want to carry two phones and you really really like using your iPhone 4.  Well now there is an answer…

Mobile Fun has been distributing the Dual SIM adaptor for iPhone 4 for some time now and we at Gear Diary have an opportunity to show you what its like..

The kit comes with two pieces of cable with adaptors that fits in with your current iPhone 4 SIM and connects the other SIM and a case to give you that extra room in the back when you are carrying it around.

Now the hard part… Your iPhone must be unlocked if you are going to use another carrier’s SIM.  So for example, AT&T could be your current provider and you want to use an international SIM that gives you great rates in the UK, like say Orange.    You won’t need a micro SIM, the standard SIM size is what the kit provides, handy I think..  GSM iPhone 4 only, sorry Verizon!
Rather than describe how this little adaptor get stuck in to your iPhone 4 here is a YouTube link to show you how it’s actually done.  This is not for the faint of heart and be careful as you may damage your SIM reader and essentially brick your iPhone 4

I found that the supplied case whilst having a gap built-in to support the extra sim, missed the cut out on the volume rockers and caused the ringer volume to go all the way up and remain on-screen.  So I ditched the included case and went with a TPU case that was a little loose in the back and it worked just fine.  A word of caution as well, if you don’t have back protection on your iPhone 4 you run the risk of scratching the back of your iPhone, I use a Zagg complete kit, so had no worries.

Here is what your iPhone 4 looks like when you are complete..

Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 ReviewNow let’s figure out how to actually use it!

One would think that you would go into the phone carrier settings and find a new carrier in there but no, its under Settings/Phone/SIM applications and you get the following screens under Q-SIM

Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 Review

Doesn’t tell you much and there is no help toggle so into the fray..

The Switch number does exactly what it means it takes you to this screen so that you can select the number you want to use:

Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 Review

You can just press the number you want to use and it goes through a bit of a screen flutter and voila! You are now on the other number.

The set up screen allows you to enter the phone numbers you are using (only numbers!) so that you can keep track of what phone number is live.  You can go into Settings/Phone and set up the number in there as well and it will track as you switch SIMs, not quite sure how that one works, but this setup might replace the number.  There is also a setting for how long after the last call till it switches back to the other number if you are using Auto Switch, the default is 3 seconds.

Q-SIM Dual SIM Adaptor for iPhone4 Review

Some thoughts around what it works like in the real world:

You can’t receive calls or texts from both numbers at the same time, however I didn’t expect to, the only way to do this is to have two phone numbers on one SIM, and most carriers won’t do that anymore.  You can divert calls from one SIM to the other, but only if in the same country, carriers won’t let you divert to international numbers, and it could get very expensive if you did!

If both SIMs are from the same carrier, there is no way to determine on the home screen which number you are using, you have to go into settings and check it out before you proceed.  Again not a surprise but a real slow down if you want to be quick about a call or text.  To that end, you can set the Auto S/W to revert to the main number at the end of a call.  That way you can use the default number primarily and only switch when you want to use the second number.

Battery life was significantly impacted by 25-50% depending on the number of switches made, so you have to really need this functionality.

At the end of a week of using the adaptor, I took it out and it’s currently in the drawer.  I do have two SIMs, but enjoy using multiple handsets so that application doesn’t work for me.  When I head out on my next international trip I will take it and probably use it as I think that is the primary value of the adaptor.  The auto switch will keep me from improperly using it and also cause me to not check my work number as much when overseas!

The Dual Sim Adapter is $28.99 and available from Mobile Fun and other retailers.

What I Like: It does work! The software does provide the required functionality to use properly and the price is right since it may not be often used you don’t want to sink a lot of cash in this accessory

What Needs Improvement: It is difficult to put the accessory in the SIM slot and there is a risk of ruining the SIM reader and bricking your phone. The case cut outs weren’t quite right and there was significant battery depletion.

You have to really need this and want it on your iPhone 4.  So if you are an international traveller give it a go and enjoy!

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  2. The above mentioned dual SIM adapter I tried to install in iPhone 4S I can’t get it work.  It will not automatically switch and the iPhone 4S always shown “No Service” after multiple seraching.  Can someone tell me if this only works for iPhone 4 not 4S?  What should we do when we change to iPhone 4S.  Thanks.

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      Are your problem solve or you still face the problem. If your problem is not solved then you can visit g-telware where definitely your problem is solved.

  3. does it work if the phone is locked to AT&T?

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