Review: Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

As the amount of gear I carry increases, the ability to carry it with comfort and style becomes more important. I have recently reviewed several products from Everki including the Camber Netbook Case, Beacon Backpack, Track Messenger, and the Agile Slim Laptop bag. I have loved the design and quality of Everki products, so I was excited to have a chance to review the new Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack. Not only is carrying all of your mobile gear important, but also being able to travel easily, especially when catching a flight.

Let’s take a look.

The Flight is the perfect backpack for anyone on the go. The backpack easily fits up to a 16” laptop in its ultra-soft padded and felt lined rear compartment that folds 180º open for easy access. This also allows you to pass by airport check points without taking out your laptop! Even with a full load, the Flight keeps your back and shoulders comfortable with its deep airflow channels. Balance is also maintained, thanks to the Flight’s 5-point balance strap system with a fully adjustable chest strap.

I will admit, that my job or life does not take me to many airports, but my wife has to fly several times a year and was impressed with the design. Instead of emptying the contents of the bag and loading them on the belt, you simply unzip the laptop compartment and the backpack opens up 180 degrees. The entire bag will now travel through the scanning system allowing you to pick it up and move on at the other end. We all know that any time-saving method at the airport is important in today’s world.

The Flight Backpack boasts three large compartments to store gear along with three smaller pockets. The front compartment is the smallest of the three, and it is designed to hold your usual backpack/business/school items. There are two pen holders and four small pockets for thin items. Next to the pen holders is a pouch pocket with velcro closure. The pocket is perfect to store a phone or MP3 player and maybe a small hard drive. I am holding two USB hubs in this area easily. Behind all of these pockets are two with a document sleeve behind them. The bottom of the compartment is large enough to also fit some gear. I have a WiFi hotspot modem as well as an extra internet cord. I have not used all of my space in the compartment, but I am sure it will fill up soon enough.

The large compartment in the middle of the backpack is much taller and will accommodate larger items. Toward the front side of the compartment are three larger pockets which are used to house my power brick and external hard drives. There is also some space in the bottom to hold some larger items such as charging cords. Three zippered pouches of varying sizes are on the front facing edge of a large pocket. When closed, each of them rest flat, but the mesh design allows for the pockets to expand when filled. Believe it or not, I actually do not have enough gear to fill any of these pockets yet. The back of this compartment also includes two more sleeves. The inside sleeve sports the same soft lining found in the laptop compartment. The sleeve can be used for many things, but is designed to house an iPad or other tablet while providing superior protection. I love having my iPad safely tucked away deep in the middle of my backpack.

The rear compartment is for housing a laptop up to 16 inches. The padded and soft felt-lined sleeve with a velcro strap. gives the computer a safe and separate hiding place while on the go. This is the compartment that opens 180 degrees when checking in at the airport. The large zippers are able to be locked or clipped shut if you are nervous about the laptop falling out or prying hands away. There is extra space for thin item to be stored outside the laptop sleeve if you do not plan on checking the bag in the 180 degree position. My only complaint for the backpack is that the velcro strap is designed for thicker laptops and will not close tight around my 13″ MacBook Pro. If the fuzzy part of the velcro was extended lower, this issue would easily be resolved. With that said, I am using the backpack exclusively right now with absolutely no worries about the safety of my laptop. Once zipped up, any size laptop will be snug and safe.

Along with the three large compartments, the smaller pockets add to the features of the Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack. Side pouches on both sides make for quick access to items such as keys or flash drives. They include an adjustable strap and can even hold a water bottle. In the top middle of the bag is another soft felt-lined pocket. The pocket is large and easy to access and is designed to hold an MP3 player complete with cord access for headphones. I carry a large number of flash drives for varying purposes and hold all of them in here. They are easy to find and held safely in the soft pocket.

As for style and design, the Flight Backpack is my favorite Everki product to date. The usual black with orange color scheme is present as usual and the lines and materials make the bag quite attractive. Two types of material make up the outer shell and give some contrast in shades of black which I really like. All of the seams are heavily sown and the bag just feels rugged and strong. The adjustable 5 point strap system is padded and extremely balanced and comfortable to carry when the bag if full of gear. The back of the backpack is channeled and soft which not only makes it comfortable, but also helps keep you cool. I love the design, style and craftsmanship of the backpack.

Like I said above, the Everki Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack is not only my favorite Everki product to date, but also my favorite gear bag. I had believed that the amount of gear I carried was too much and was barely fitting in my old bags. This backpack has officially changed that view, since I not only comfortably fit all of my gear, but I have plenty of room for more. The perfect excuse to obtain more gear to take with me on the go! Whether you travel by air or not, the Flight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack will not disappoint.

Everki Fight Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

MSRP: $99.99 Can be found at for $85.52.

What I Like: Style, comfort and quality along with plenty of room for all of my gear and room to spare.

What Needs Improvement: I would like to see the velcro strap extended in the laptop compartment to allow a tighter fit.

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