Review: Amplicom US PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Offers Room to Roam

Review: Amplicom US PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Offers Room to Roam

Hearing loss is something many of us never think about, yet at some point in our lives we will either experience it or know someone who does. For me, it’s my father-in-law as he uses a hearing aid these days (although we think he turns it down quite often to tune some of us out).

Amplicom USA is addressing hearing loss issues through technology in their telephone products, both corded and cordless. They recently sent out a new product designed to expand the activity range of folks who are home-bound for fear of missing a phone call and being without the access to cell capability.

The Powertel 601 Wireless Wrist Shaker allows folks to roam up to about 300 feet from the base unit and still be alerted when a call comes in. This device works equally well for the hearing impaired as it does for the vision impaired, as a bright LED is combined with a vibration “tremblor” in the unit to let you know when “it’s for you.”

The device is strapped on your wrist just like a big watch, and when used with the 680 base unit can also work as a remote answering device or for emergency dialing.

My backyard is 250 feet deep, and I never lost signal while strolling around; plus I was able to wander down the street five houses visiting with the neighbors before I lost the signal from the base unit inside my residence.

The wrist unit features a rechargeable battery; it comes with the base unit/charger and should go about five hours on battery power.

Review: Amplicom US PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Offers Room to Roam

Amplicom USA phones feature bright LED lights and amplified sound to assist folks with varied degrees of hearing loss. We tested the model 500 base unit and we were startled at how loud and bright it was when receiving an incoming call.

My father-in-law rides around his property on a John Deere lawn tractor, and I wondered how well the wrist device would alert him to a phone call while the engine was running. The vibration was lower than what the tractor was producing but even in bright overhead sunlight the flashing LEDs were still perceivable when a call came in.

I applaud Amplicom USA for their unique products and urge those of you who experience hearing (or vision) loss, or know someone who does, to give them a look.

From Amplicom USA:
Summer is coming, and the backyard beckons. It’s time to step away from the computer, get some gardening done, or just hang out on the patio. But technology never really takes a holiday, and everyone likes to stay “connected.”
Now, there’s no excuse to stay indoors – not even the risk of missing an important phone call, a risk that is greater for people with hearing loss. Amplicom USA has come out with the POWERTEL 601 WIRELESS WRIST SHAKER. This remote vibrating/flashing device uses interference –free DECT 6.0 technology to act as a ring alert for all PowerTel phones, Amplicom’s industry-leading series of amplified phones with customized volume and tone control. When used in conjunction with the PowerTel 680 corded/cordless telephone combo, the wrist device has the added features of remote answering and emergency dialing.
The wrist shaker alerts you two ways – via vibration and a flashing LED light – to an incoming call, so it’s great for consumers with hearing loss, low vision, or anyone who wants to stay connected and still enjoy some fresh air. The device can also be used while sleeping, and its splash-proof, so you can go ahead and water the flowers without fear.

Review: Amplicom US PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker Offers Room to Roam

Wireless DECT 6.0 Wrist Shaker for Amplicom PowerTel Series
Fact Sheet

Amplicom USA, the leader in the amplified telephone category, offers a range of innovative accessories to enhance the communications experience offered by its industry standard PowerTel phones. The latest innovation from the company is the PowerTel 601 wireless wrist shaker, a remote vibrating/flashing device for users with hearing loss, low vision or anyone who does not want to miss an important call.

• Using interference -free DECT 6.0 technology, the versatile PowerTel 601 acts as a phone ring alert or remote answering device for all PowerTel phones.

• Worn on the wrist, the device notifies users of incoming calls two ways: with vibration and with a flashing LED signal.

• The splash-proof PowerTel 601 can be worn at home while sleeping, outside, or even in the shower, so that important phone calls are never missed when a handset is not within hearing or visual range.

• The splash-proof wrist device can even remotely answer calls by activating the speakerphone on the base of PowerTel phone with the touch of a button.

• Up to 50 hours charge in standby mode

• Serves as additional emergency transmitter for the PowerTel 680

• Works with PowerTel 500, 580, 580 Combo & 680

• The PowerTel 601 is sold separately; suggested retail is $79.95

• Comes with charger and energy efficient power adapter.

• To find a distributor or for assistance, please call 1.866.AMPLICOM or visit

You can find the POWERTEL 601 and Wireless DECT 6.0 Wrist Shaker for Amplicom PowerTel Series by calling 1.866.AMPLICOM or visiting to find a distributor.

MSRP: I found the PowerTel 601 Wrist Shaker available online for $63.50 from one of Amplicom USA’s distributors.

What I Like: Dual sensory alert; working range.

What Needs Improvement: Would like to see device work as two-way communicator with all of their base units; enhance vibration or offer selectable vibration response setting (mild/strong).

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