For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch


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When I first began in the rabbinate, I wore a suit every day. That meant six and sometimes seven days a week were spent in a dress shirt, tie and suit. Those days are long gone, but I still wear a suit a few days a week. That’s where the Collar Stay Punch Raina got me for Hannukah comes in.

I constantly lost collar stays when I left them in the shirt and sent the shirt out to the dry cleaners. Some days, I was left scrounging around for stays only to end up making some ad-hoc ones at the last minute. Last year, Raina gave me a set of brass collar stays with various saying engraved on them. But I worry about losing them. So when she gave me a Collar Stay Punch I was both amused and, honestly, a bit perplexed.

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

Keep DIY dapper with this handy punch, designed to make your own collar stays out of old credit cards. Keeping your shirt looking sharp is a must when you’re off to the office, a formal event, or a date, but when they’re not lost deep in your drawer, collar stays are a huge hassle to keep on hand. Don’t flip out–clip out your own with this handy punch!

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

Basically, the Collar Stay Punch is a paper heavy-duty punch that, instead of making a round hole, makes a collar stay-shaped “hole”. In this case, of course, you use the piece that was “punched” rather than the sheet into which you “punched.”

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

To use the punch you simply sandwich a sheet of something between the two sides of the punch and then… PUNCH… by pressing the two handles together.

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

The kit includes a few sheets of white plastic, but they also suggest using an old credit card, license, or used gift certificate.

I took one of the included sheets of plastic and did as they suggested.

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

Within seconds I had two new collar stays. And while the edges of the punched collar stays was a bit rough, it was pretty much what I have come to know as a collar stay.

So I decided to try something else.

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

A few years ago Judie and I got sets of plastic Gear Diary business cards. I took one of the cards and punched… then punched again.

For a Gift with a Punch Try the Collar Stay Punch

Within seconds, I had a pair of Gear Diary collar stays. Kinda cool in my opinion.

The Collar Stay Punch is $29.95. It is simple to use and does exactly what it promises to do. Now I know I will NEVER have to go running around looking for collar stays because, if I don’t have any, I can just punch a few more. I’m a fan! Check it out here.

Source: Personal purchase by Raina as a Hanukkah gift to me.

What I Like: Let’s you make new collar stays from a variety of materials in just seconds; Easy to use; Gives an endless supply of collar stays

What Needs Improvement: Collar stays are just one size while different shirts use different sized collar stays; Collar stays are a bit rough along the edges

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