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April 21, 2011 • Reviews

My iPhone’s New Buddy: Apple Shell Holster Combo from

I received my first holster-style cellphone holder/case this morning courtesy Up to this point I had always just slipped my iPhones into my pocket to tote around be it at work, home or play.

My phone was always in some type of candy shell or case to minimize scratches and whatnot but was never on my belt. After just 15 minutes with the WirelessGround Apple Shell Holster Combo I am hooked.

The rubberized hard case and swivel holster design offer protection while still keeping my iPhone easy to access. The two-piece unit allows for the phone to slide in and out of the holster but locks in, securely stored.

An added benefit of the phone case is a slick integrated pop-out kickstand in the back allowing for easy hands-free viewing or use for video chat. Also, the spring-loaded belt clip has a swivel function so the case can be carried at just about any angle.

The entire unit itself is not bulky or heavy, yet it offers functionality at a VERY modest price.

(The Apple Shell Holster Combo is compatible with the Apple iPhone 4 (AT&T/GSM Version) and Verizon Apple iPhone 4 phone models; Part Number: AIP4HOC.) also offers a video featuring a full rundown of the device on their site via YouTube.

Summary: Useful, functional device at a very reasonable price.

MSRP: $14.95
What I Like: Multi-functional swivel clip; built-in kickstand
What Needs Improvement: The holster lip catches the screen protector on my iPhone a bit and is peeling one corner

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