Today is the Day Skynet Passes Judgement: The End is Near!

Today is the Day Skynet Passes Judgement: The End is Near!
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If you live under a rock and have never seen any Terminator films, then you would have no idea that Tuesday night (4/19) at 8:11 PM Skynet came online and became self-aware.

Skynet was a machine designed by our military to take control of our defenses. Giving a the control which  According to the Terminator lore today marks the beginning of the end for humanity as we know it. Judgment Day is upon us, and soon the machines will take over the world as we know it. Sarah Connor shows us in T2 what is to become of mankind, which translates pretty much to nuclear holocaust and the end of civilization as we know it. That means all of our beloved gadgets, tablets, phones, and anything connected will be controlled by Skynet and could potentially turn on us at any time. Here is a scene that shows some of the carnage.

So the real question becomes, what would you do if this “Geekpocolypse” really came true? If T1000’s were out clearing the streets, would you stay inside and lock the doors just delaying your inevitable demise? Lucky for us our Gear Diary Commander-in-Chief Judie lives on a nice “little” ranch down in Texas that would be a perfect spot to set up the resistance. Lots of open land, good BBQ, some adult beverages, and of course a nice assortment of firearms. I would have to meet up with Carly, Dan, and Michael (all northeast) and swing by to pick up Joel and Thomas before heading south to the ranch. I mean if you’re in that situation, what would be better than a life depending road trip with a group of geeks and lots of guns? I certainly can’t think of anything better.

The fact that the world is ending would not really be the most upsetting part of whole adventure. Especially with the degree of weapons we would get to use and escape of the daily grind of work. The problem for me is that technology would become the enemy, and I would lose all the gadgets that I hold so dear. The thought of my gadgets turning against me is enough to book me a spot in a padded room.

Today is the Day Skynet Passes Judgement: The End is Near!Image courtesy of IGN

So if you find yourself with nowhere to run in the next few days, then grab a war-wagon and head south; there will be pockets of resistance and we would certainly accept all the help we could get; after all we will be fighting for the prevention of complete annihilation. Otherwise you know our congress will probably mess something up, and Skynet will lose funding … or simply just not work, and all will be well. I was always hoping that I would go out fighting Zombie’s instead of Terminators, but when it comes to any type of Apocalypse, beggars can’t be choosy.

So in good fun let’s celebrate “Skynet Judgement Day” by pulling out your old T2 VHS or firing up Netflix to watch the 1991 cult classic. After all it may be your last chance ever to watch it, and your could probably learn a thing or two about defending yourself against the machines.

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2 Comments on "Today is the Day Skynet Passes Judgement: The End is Near!"

  1. Eek! Glad you’re coming to pick me up Francis! I somehow doubt NJ would do well against Skynet.

    Of course, with all the time traveling games the series has played, Judgement Day is a moving target…depending on whether you believe the first two movies, the series, the third movie or the fourth.

    And here’s the ultimate geek question: would you rather live in the Terminator universe post-judgement day, or the post-apocalypse “Dollhouse” world? One has killer robots, the other has people who have been brainwashed (and a phone call can wipe your brain!) I have more faith in John Connor saving us (even when he was played by Eddie Furlong!) than I do in Eliza Dushku though!

    • Francis Scardino | April 21, 2011 at 4:36 pm |

      I say Terminator Universe. Although Eliza D is easier to look at than John Connor, you never know your enemy there. With Terminator, you know what your up against. Odds aren’t quite as good but at least you know it’s man VS. machine. I say bring it.

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