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April 21, 2011 • Gear Bits

I Reviewed It and I Still Use It: The “Thank You Ergotron” Edition


I reviewed the Ergotron Sit–Stand Desk last September. This work-station modification allows you to work at your desk in either a sitting or standing position merely by lifting the entire assemblage up or down. It is truly an impressive piece of equipment, and at close to $400 certainly not inexpensive. My review concluded with:

So do I like this? YES! If I had not been sent a review unit would I be buying one? YES again. Having the option to work either sitting or standing and to quickly move between the two is great. Having a unit as well-built and stable as this is even better. I am VERY impressed with this piece of work gear. VERY!

The WorkFit Sit-Stand is available directly from Ergotron.

MSRP: $379 or $399 depending on configuration

What I Like: Gives total flexibility for working either sitting OR standing; adjusts in seconds; amazingly well-made; durable; well-conceived and executed; will clearly endure years of use

What Needs Improvement: Takes time to adjust to having the extra bulk on the deck; not inexpensive… but what is a saved back worth??

And here’s a video of me using it:

I use the Sit-Stand Desk every day in my home study, but today I was particularly appreciative.

You see two nights ago I moved the wrong way and pulled something in my hip. It hurt a bit, but I didn’t think much of it until yesterday morning. To say that I was in agony would be an understatement and it hasn’t really gotten any better. My friend who is a personal trainer told me I pulled my Hip Flexor (I didn’t even know I HAD one to pull.) I was warned that sitting would not be good for me, and the warning was spot-on. Sitting down is remarkably painful and, as a result, I have spent the last two days working while standing up. (My feet are killing me, but at least I’m not screaming.) Were it not for this particular device I’m not sure what I would have done. Thankfully it’s here, it works, and had I actually purchased it rather than receiving it as a review unit, I could wholeheartedly say that it paid for itself in the last couple days alone.

You can check it out and order your own from the Ergotron site.

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