Freeletics — Can They Help Me Stay Consistent with My Workouts?

I’ve been pretty irresponsible with my diet the past few months, resulting in fewer selfies, guilt over terrible eating habits, and stress from various things. Constantly telling myself: I’m going to get back in shape, I’ve tried everything, and then I found Freeletics.

Freeletics is a freemium fitness app; its program states that it will help me get back in touch with the gym, but does it actually work?

Freeletics — Can They Help Me Stay Consistent with My Workouts?

Now there are plenty of people who will say that abs are created in the kitchen, and while they are in terms of nutrition, exercise is still a vital part of the equation. If you have absolutely no idea where to start in your fitness journey, and if you have fallen into the trap of looking at multiple apps promising to get you “ripped in six weeks,” know this — it’s probably not possible. Freeletics is the first fitness app that I’ve used that didn’t either bark out the workouts through an AI coach while expecting me to know how to properly do the required moves, and I love it. I guess you can say that using Freeletics for the past few weeks has been reflective of my life.

Freeletics — Can They Help Me Stay Consistent with My Workouts?

Freeletics helps me achieve better fitness, giving me the benefits of working out at my own pace instead of focusing on my flaws and giving me shortcuts or metrics that a bodybuilder (which I’m not) would follow. When I started, I was surprised because the app “assumed” that I was as fit as the basic fitness test that it gave, assigning me with things like burpees and mountain climbers; truth be told, I felt like I was dying internally. Essentially a HIIT/Crossfit blend, Freeletics when starting out for me seemed to be nonstop exercise and high reps with the hopes of “getting me strong”.

Rather than babysitting you through things, it thrusts you straight into fitness, challenging your mental fortitude to push through a set, regardless of the rep count. I’ve been doing it for roughly a month and I feel like the first month or so is all about building the momentum while holding yourself accountable. There’s no “perfect” workout regimen, so the fact that every week (you can set how many days you want to work out), can be different makes it completely worth it. 

Freeletics — Can They Help Me Stay Consistent with My Workouts?

What’s more, Freeletics also comes complete with not just HIIT body workouts, but various apps to make sure that you hold yourself accountable no matter if you have a gym at home or not. On top of that, there’s a nifty Nutrition app that puts Blue Apron to shame, giving you the ability to meal prep with ease, breaking down every single ingredient as well as how to cook it.

In the time that I’ve been using the various Freeletics apps, I have seen a bit of progress. However, I would like to see a bit more progress; I’ve downloaded the app to my Apple Watch as well so I can completely focus on my workouts. If there is one thing I wish Freeletics would implement, it would be the ability to download ALL of the workouts from a single click. If you workout in a gym with limited service and you forget to download your workouts, you’ll find yourself doing a lot of guesswork as to how a particular exercise will work due to lack of service. Aside from that, I enjoy the product and enjoy working out knowing I am not free-styling it.

Freeletics — Can They Help Me Stay Consistent with My Workouts?

I plan on updating this article in a few weeks when I’ve gotten a bit further in my regimen, but for now, Freeletics is my one-stop-shop for exercises, running, and nutrition. If you’d like more information about Freeletics, head over to their site for details on their app and subscription models. 

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What I Like: One-Stop shop for everything from HIIT workouts, bodyweight exercise, weights, and even cardio

What Needs Improvement: Subscription may be a bit pricey for the average consumer

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