Garmin Combines Fashion and Performance With Epix and Fenix Wearables

We already reported on the new additions to Garmin’s vivo line-up, the vivofit 2 and vivoactive, which round up Garmin‘s consumer wearable line. But they also added to their higher end products with the Epix and Fenix 3. The Fenix 3 is the latest in the company’s multi-sport category, and Epix is intended as a wearable GPS for outdoor enthusiasts.

Garmin Wearables CES 2015

One of the most difficult things for a company do is to simultaneously meet a wide range of needs while differentiating products. Garmin has managed to do this quite well, with minimal overlap of product offerings at the low, mid and high end. The new Fenix 3 and Epix are definitely higher end products, but are brimming with features and functionality that users at that level will definitely appreciate!

Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix nix 3

The Fenix 3 features a built-in GPS, water resistance and onboard barometer and altimeter sensors. These allow the Fenix 3 to support a variety of outdoor and fitness sports. Some of the exploration features include:
– Track Recording f?nix 3 automatically records your route, which can also be displayed as a dotted line on the map page of the device.
– TracBack Feature gets you safely back on the same way that you came. TracBack has been proven to be a highly reliable safety tool in countless situations.
– Barometric Altimeter/ Electronic Compass Thanks to auto calibration, the sensors of f?nix 3 provide accurate compass and altimeter readings vital for safe navigation off the beaten track. Added to GPS information they build the core of Garmin quality navigation.
LiveTrack As long as you’re carrying a smartphone loaded with the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app, f?nix 3 can use that phone’s signal to convey your position to family, fans, and coaches wherever they are.

The Fenix 3 also features advanced training features for runners such VO2Max, HR training, ground-contact time, virtual partner and a recovery timer to help you become the most efficient athlete possible.

Fenix 3 also connects to the Connect IQ store allowing users to add apps, widgets, and other smartwatch features to the GPS watch. It will cost $499 for the base model, $50 more for the heart-rate monitor bundle, and $599 for the premium Fenix 3 Sapphire with a scratch-resistant sapphire lens.

Head to Garmin for all the Fenix 3 details!

Garmin Epix

Garmin Epix

The Garmin Epix is a fully featured navigation system packed into a rugged GPS watch. Epix features a 1.4-inch touchscreen, can be loaded with up to 8GB of maps, and includes GPS and GLONASS sensors for accurate positioning. It also supports external sensors for temperature, heart-rate and more. And like the other new Garmin watches it supports the Connect IQ store, allowing users to install apps, widgets, watch faces and more.

The Epix will be shipping later in the 1st quarter with an MSRP of $549, or $599 including the TOPO US 100K maps.

Check out the Epix press release! And head to Garmin to pre-order Epix!

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