Wellograph, the First Sapphire Crystal Wellness Watch Launches!

Most fitness watches share a common element – not GPS, or heart-rate, or step-tracking, or Bluetooth sync. They are pretty uniformly NOT fashion watches. They might work as ‘Geek Chic’, but no one will mistake them for a designer product. Wellograph hopes to change that, with the first wellness watch with a sapphire crystal display and a gorgeous design.

Wellograph Interface

Unlike other fitness/wellness watches, Wellograph is designed to sync style and sport, to look good with a business suit or a track suit. And unlike most smartwatches, Wellograph is a fully capable fitness watch .

Wellograph is fully capable as a running watch as well as a fitness tracker and heart-rate monitor.

Fitness tracking and running tracking are done through a sensitive 9-axis motion sensor which they claim is highly accurate for running as well as walking. These capabilities have definitely improved recently, so it will be interesting to see how it performs. Note that Wellograph is NOT a GPS sensor.

The big thing for many, though, is the tri-LEF heart-rate sensor. Non-chest-strap sensors have historically been limited in accuracy and reliabliity due to single or dual-LED designs, but Wellograph claims that their tri-LED sensor is much more accurate than previous devices. Big gains have been made recently in this area, so I am hopeful that the sensor bears out the claims!

Wellograph has apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but doesn’t depend on an app. You can access up to 4 months of data on the device, or sync to the phone. Battery life is touted as 1 week between charges.

Here are more details from Wellograph:

Idle Time:
•Wellograph reminds users to sit less, move more and get active.

•Wellograph expresses how much of a user’s day is idle vs. active, in hours and minutes. The device offers a today view to show how many calories users have burned each hour and their total for the day. Additionally, the week view feature displays frequency, intensity and time of their week’s activities.

•Wellograph measures the quality and quantity of a user’s activity vs. simply the quantity, as the harder the heart works, the more calories burned. Wellograph encourages users to get their heart rates up via high-intensity physical activity and displays a user’s current pulse in beats per minute, including their high, average and resting heart rate each day. They are also provided with an exercise score based on how much aerobic activity they completed each day. After extended use, Wellograph will rank a user’s cardiovascular fitness and estimate their true fitness age, a feature unique to Wellograph.

•Users’ steps information is shown automatically as soon as they start moving and totaled to compare how much they ran or walked today vs. yesterday vs. their set goal. The device also offers users the ability to set a stopwatch, see their current pace and distance covered. After a run, Wellograph offers users summary stats about their run, including top pace, average pace, total calories burned and more.

Wellograph is now available, with delivery of pre-orders expected by September 12th. You can also pre-order through Amazon.com for $349.

Head to Wellograph for more details! And look forward to our full review in the next couple of weeks.

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