iPad Case Review: Speck FitFolio Ultra-Slim Case for iPad 2


If Speck’s PixelSkin HD wrap for iPad 2 extends the design approach we have seen in numerous other products from Speck, the new FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 breaks from the pack and goes in a new direction for the company. The FitFolio strives to be a slim, formfitting case that offers a host of different ways to enhance your use of the iPad 2 for work and play. Does this new design work? Let’s take a look.

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From Speck:

The FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2® has a sleek, padded design that keeps your device protected yet light on its feet. The custom cradle holds your iPad 2 securely in place, and the cover folds back into a stand—making this the perfect iPad 2 case for reading, working, viewing, presentations and lots more!

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Custom-fit cradle holds your iPad 2 in place

Cover folds into viewing or typing stand for working, reading, gaming, presentations, and more

Stylish and durable padded finish with sleek interior

Two-way bungee cord keeps this iPad 2 case closed or secures cover to back of case when open

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The FitFolio is constructed from two different materials with each serving its own purpose. The soft, padded material that is used for the cover and extends to the majority of the back; it is comfortable to hold and offers a good deal of “bump” protection.

This soft material is attached to what Speck refers to as “the cradle”. It grips the iPad 2 and holds it in place once the iDevice is snapped in. The “cradle” is made from a strong plastic material that has a “soft-touch” feel. While the soft cover has some “give” the cradle offers none.

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The combination is effective and, when looked at closely, is quite effective from an aesthetic perspective.

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Built into the case is a means of ensuring that the cover remains close when the iPad is not being used or open when the cover is flipped around to the back. It is a simple but effective low-tech method that involves some elastic and a small bit of extra material in the middle of the cradle’s edge.

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The iPad simply snaps into the cradle. It takes just a bit of force to get it in place and, once there, there it stays. As you can see from this picture the FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 lives up to its name. Yes, you can barely see the cradle gripping the edges of the iPad 2. That’s a good thing, and it looks even better close up.

IMG 3262

Here is a look at the way the FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 leaves the speaker and dock connector exposed.

IMG 3263

And here is a view of the mute/rotate lock and the volume rocker. As you can see, Speck designed the case to have just enough exposure to those areas but not too much. This ensure full access without loss of functionality.

IMG 3264

A view from the top completes the full walk around of the case. Again, it is worth taking a close look at the headphone jack, camera and sleep button. In each case the item in question is perfectly centered in the cutout. That speaks to the quality of the design.

IMG 3254

The FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 is designed to be a case AND a stand. The soft cover and the cradle are not completely “locked” into one another. In fact, they are connected in a manner that creates a bit of a “hinge” effect.

IMG 3258

That means that, on one side, the cradle can lift away from the rest of the case and angle forward. From there a series of ridges built into the interior of the cover step in and hold the iPad at a one of five different angles. This image shows the iPad sitting as the steepest/sharpest angle.

IMG 3261

And this one shows the iPad 2 at its most shallow angle. Best of all, there are three angles in between the two extremes.

I’m a big fan of cases that perform double duty as stands, and this is a great example of just that. In all this design is highly effective and provides a nice range of options for how the iPad might be held in landscape.

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The FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 is a great case. It is a break from the typical design we have come to expect from Speck but brings along all the quality and functionality we have grown to truly appreciate from the company. Unfortunately it is not without its shortcomings. First and foremost, the case only works as a stand with the iPad in landscape. This is not a huge deal but it is nice to have the option to use the iPad on a tablet in either landscape or portrait. The second issue is much larger for me. Like the PixelSkin HD wrap this case does not employ Apple’s “Smart Cover technology”. I have grown to love the way some cases will put the iPad into sleep mode as soon as the cover is placed on the screen and wake the device up as soon as it is opened. I really miss it on this case. Don’t get me wrong, this is a GREAT case. It is just that having the sleep/awake functionality built-in would have made it an AWESOME case.

The FitFolio ultra-slim case for iPad 2 is available in Black, Grey and Red and can be ordered directly from Speck.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: slim design that offers great protection to the iPad 2; cutouts are precise and allow for complete access to all ports and buttons; elastic closure system ensures the iPad stays closed and the screen protected when not in use; case doubles as a stand that offers five different viewing angles; feels great in the hand

What Needs Improvement: Does not employ the “Smart” sleep/awake functionality

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