iBooks to Be Carried by Lovereading.co.uk

iBooks to Be Carried by Lovereading.co.uk

Looking for a good book to read? Of course, you are. How are you going to find one? Well, you could hit a site like Goodreads, or you could bounce around to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, your local library…or if you could hit up Lovereading.co.uk for edited, curated recommendations AND books in every ebook format for purchase!

Lovereading.co.uk was offering books in Kindle and ePUB formats for some time, and they’ve now added integration with the iBookstore! This is a UK-only deal, but it’s (as far as I know) the first time anyplace has been able to offer iBooks titles outside of iTunes. It’s a big move for Apple, and a way to try to claw some marketshare away from Amazon and B&N. At the very least it gives readers in the UK a way to search iBooks without heading to an iOS device or a computer. It’s huge, and the first bit of love iBooks has seen from Apple in quite a while!

So if you’re a UK-based Gear Diary reader, be sure to check out Lovereading.co.uk, and let us know if their recommendations and site help you find your next favorite book!

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