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May 21, 2011 • Reviews

iPad App Review: TallyTots

I have reviewed several apps for the iPad that have been both fun and educational for young kids. The iPad is actually a wonderful tool for educating students or children of all ages. The interface is intuitive and the younger generations seem to magically know how to navigate the device without any instruction. When I think back to the excitement I had for using TRS 80 and Apple IIe computers, I can only imagine how exciting using an iPad would have been. As you have seen in various posts and reviews, my two young boys have inherited their dad’s love of gear and gadgets. They love when I ask them to help look at a new game or app for a review so I hired them on to help me check out TallyTots the new counting application from the developers of Swapsies which I reviewed here. Let’s take a look.

TallyTots is an interactive counting game which brings the numbers to life. Numbers 1-20 are represented along with actions and activities that will both entertain and educate kids who are learning to count.


  • 20 different numbers with unique activities for each.
  • Audio and visual cues that help children associate numbers with sounds.
  • Kid-friendly navigation that makes it easy to return to their favorite numbers.
  • Frequent repetition that teaches young children how to count.
  • Positive verbal reinforcement for completed tasks.
  • Fun surprises that keep them coming back for more.

The game begins with a screen of 20 cards. The child chooses a number they want to count to. The soothing voice then counts to that number. Each number is displayed on the screen as she counts and the cards around the screen are outlined to highlight them.

After each number is counted an animated task will be presented that represents the number. For example, after counting to two, the child can drive two slot cars on a track. Counting to twenty requires twenty fireflies to glow by tapping them. My three year old loves to keep counting just so he can play with the tasks.

TallyTots is designed for kids who are at the age where they are learning to count and my child that age has no problems using or understanding the app. I just opened the app and handed the iPad to him and let him figure it out. In a matter of minutes, I could hear him counting away and laughing in enjoyment at the task screens. Maybe today’s young generation has a natural knack for touch screen devices, but Riley seemed to jump right into TalloTots like he had been using it forever. While simple, the user experience is quite intuitive and easy to understand.

Our devices and gear will be the future for our children so I find it important that they know how to work with this technology. While letting them learn how to interact with our gear, we can also educate the kids in a fun and useful manner. TallyTots has allowed my three year old son to work successfully with my iPad while being entertained and most of all, learning to count. The application has been fun enough for him that he plays with it several times a week and has developed some of his favorite numbers to go through to play with the task screen. We always end our session with him counting to 20 and completing the final task. He loves this application.


iTunes App Store Price: $1.99

What I like: Intuitive, entertaining and educational for my three year old learner.

What could be improved: I’d like to see more numbers added as my child advances in counting.


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