Bike Baron on iOS Gets an Update and a Sale Price!

Photo courtesy of Bike Baron

Photo courtesy of Mountain Sheep

Remember my Minigore 2: Zombies post where I told you that Bike Baron is one of my favorite games on iOS, ever? Well, it was just updated to version 3.0 and it got even better!

Bike Baron is in the “physics motorcycle race” genre. Did I just make that up? There are four buttons: Left, Right, Stop, Go. You lean back and forth and use the gas and brakes to make your way through over 100 different levels and 300 challenges. The premise is simple, the game itself, is not. Once you get into the Hard and Extreme levels, the game gets crazy challenging. Another added bonus is that the game includes a level editor and users can create and post their own levels. This adds an extra layer onto the greatness of this game. I bought this game when I got my very first iOS device and have come back to the game again and again. The graphics are fantastic, the sound effects and music are endearing, and the gameplay is out of this world.

You know what’s cooler than an app update? A sale! The game is now on sale for 99¢, down 50% from its usual $1.99. There’s no better time to grab this game!

The update brings 3 more Easy levels, 2 more Medium levels, 6 more Hard levels, and 1 more Extreme level.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to check Bike Baron out, take a look at this trailer:

Seriously, check it out.

Bike Baron on iTunes

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