Up Your iPhoneograohy Game with the Iggy and The Cradle from 3 Legged Thing

3 Legged Thing offers a range of tripods. Most are designed for professionals but their Iggy Mini Tripod, GoPro Adapter, and Phone Cradle offer “portable, versatile and multi-functional” phone stability for everyone looking to take great pictures with their iPhone or GoPro.

3 Legged Thing offers a variety of different packages that include the Iggy. I received a kit that includes two mini tripods, 2 GoPro adapters, and their expandable smartphone holder which they call The Cradle.


When I first unboxed the Iggy, I wasn’t all too impressed. After all, I’ve used countless different iPhone stands and tripods. As I put it through its paces, however, I became increasingly impressed by its design and functionality. The diminutive tripod looks simple but, thanks to the rugged ABS plastic used in its construction, is built to ensure the rigors of severe real-world use. At the top of the Iggy is an adjustable ball head and a 1/4”-20 screw mount onto which you can place the included GoPro mount, The Cradle or one of the many smartphone accessories you may have collected over the years since smartphones became ubiquitous. (For example, I have a collection of mounts that work with everything from microphones to lights.)

The Iggy itself is just 5.5” High when using it as a tripod and, as 3 Legged Thing puts it,

Iggy lends itself to a huge variety of uses include desktop tripod, stand mount for microphones and small lights, a low-level tripod for compact and lightweight cameras, and paired with The Cradle, can be used as a smartphone stand for watching a video and taking pictures.

That, however, is just the beginning. As the company further explains:

With Iggy’s legs closed and the GoPro adapter attached, they form an ergonomic handle ideal for handheld action cam footage from skaters, borders, and outdoor activities. Iggy with The Cradle connected becomes a smartphone handle, perfect for selfies and sightseeing.

Which, of course, leads to the question, “Is it a tripod or is it a handle?”

The answer is, of course, both. The Iggy creates an incredibly stable base when used as a tripod but, when you close the legs, it doubles as a handle for your phone or GoPro. It isn’t the most ergonomic handle I’ve used, but it still gets the job done quite well.

  • Connectivity: Iggy comes with a standard 14″-20 camera screw, with a GoPro mount in the box. The Cradle is loaded with 2 x 1/4″-20 sockets.
  • Expandable: The Cradle’s jaws expand to fit almost every smartphone on the market, from the smaller iPhone 4 to the iPhone 8+ and Galaxy 8.

As previously mentioned, the Iggy is available in some different kits. If you only need a mini tripod, you can buy it alone. If you need a mini tripod that can hold your smartphone, you can purchase it with The Cradle. Or, if you want to go all in with the Iggy, you can buy the combo set I received. And why would you need two mini tripods? Well, for example, you might want to mount your phone on one Iggy and Then place your LED lighting source on the other.

The ABS plastic is virtually indestructible. The anodized Magnesium Alloy ball is easily loosened and tightened by hand and can lock your phone or GoPro into the desired.

Iggy is built to withstand brutal treatment.

In all, despite my initial lackluster impression, I can easily recommend the Iggy to anyone looking for a small, versatile tripod. It can be used just as quickly with small DSLR’s, GoPros and camcorders, and, of course, when paired with The Cradle, is excellent for use with smartphones. It lets you line up your best shot or, if you are in “consumption mode,” can double as a portable stand for your viewing pleasure. Best of all, the Iggy is priced under $45 for the kit with two Iggys, two GoPro mounts, and The Cradle. I would call that a good deal! Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Iggy kit

What I Like: Well constructed; Works as a tripod or a smartphone camera grip; Ball head is tough and can be loosened and tightened easily; Holds position once the ball head is locked into place; Priced nicely.

What Needs Improvement: As a grip, the Iggy works well but is not the most ergonomic grip I have used


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