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October 11, 2012 • News

Lexus Ad Highlights the Tech in the 2013 ES with a Hi-Tech Ad

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I love my IS 250. There are times when I feel like it is a tiny bit too small, and I would have preferred something like the larger ES but, 99% of the time I could not be more happy with the car I chose to lease last year.

Lexus is pushing the 2013 ES with an extensive marketing campaign and, this time out, they have an advertisement that, “like the entirely new ES, merges next-generation technologies with stunning visuals”.

Starting today, you can bring the Lexus ES print ad found in today’s issue of Sports Illustrated magazine to life by simply placing the ad over the screen of an iPad. When you do you will watch as the static image takes off for a test drive with sight, sound and touch.

Want to learn more? The link to project details can be found here.

This is seriously cool! Check it out…

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