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A Gear Diary Quick Tour of Chromebook Listen to this article


It is easy to forget in the flood of Android tablets that Google has another operating system in their quiver-Chrome OS. It has been maligned as “too late” and dismissed as just another netbook option, but it is so much more.

If your primary work is in the cloud, especially Google services, and you’re looking for a fast computing option with great battery life, hold off on that tablet purchase. First, watch my quick Chrome OS overview video, then consider this: for $499 you can have a Chromebook with WiFi and 3G. Plus Verizon and Google will throw in MB of 3G free each month for TWO YEARS! Plus any add-on data starts at $20 prepaid for 1GB. That’s a lot cheaper than a 3G Android tablet, and Chrome OS gives you a great deal more as far as productivity options.

So check out the video below explaining why 6 months later my Chromebook is still my primary device and then get to shopping!

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


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