Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

My phone often goes through many types of cases and protection. My only must have is that they do not make it feel large and clunky. Basically, I usually am not terribly particular. This is not the same for my iPad. The iPad just seems to deserve something more. Not only careful protection, but also style. The gorgeous design just seems to earn the right to be protected by something with matching design and quality. I also have grown to love portfolio style cases since they cover the large screen and bring me piece of mind. I recently began using the monCarbone iPad Portfolio which sports beautiful design, quality, protection and carbon fiber. Who can resist the beauty and protection carbon fiber brings to a device?

Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

The monCarbone company prides themselves in turning carbon fiber material into elegant products. Each product is hand crafted representing the highest quality in in all carbon fiber products. Carbon fiber was originally used in the aircraft industry due to its light weight and amazing strength. The product is used in many high end products and sports. Each product that sports carbon fiber expresses style, elegance and performance. The same is true with monCarbone products.

Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

The first thing I noticed with the monCarbone iPad Portfolio in carbon twilight blue is that it is a beauty. The carbon fiber shell fits and protects the back of the device. It is gorgeous! The fibers are perfectly woven and the clear coat finish is super glossy and smooth. This is no simulated carbon fiber. It is the real thing and screams style. The top of the portfolio folds to protect the screen. Mine is covered in a blue/silvery colored material. The material is semi-reflective and has a brushed aluminum looking pattern. I do not know what the material is, but it is attractive to say the least. The inside of the front flap is covered with soft, black velvet to protect the screen.

Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

Besides the obvious luxurious look of the carbon fiber, there are some other features I love about it. The case fits the iPad perfectly. Once snapped in, there is no slop or movement and the front cover fits tight and precise. The top flap may not close well at first, simply store the iPad screen down and it will break in for a beautiful fit. The carbon fiber is also thin and does not add any bulk to the device. The smooth curves on the back replicate the shape and design an uncovered iPad sports. It fills awesome in the hand. The entire case simply adds to the beauty of the iPad without taking away the size and feel that I love.

Review: monCarbone iPad Portfolio

Beauty with no bulk is a must for any case on my devices and the monCarbone product delivers in a big way. The case is also super light which is also imperative for any case. So, the case keeps the feel, size and weight of the iPad with the beautiful styling and superior protection provided by carbon fiber. I have tried countless cases on my phones and iPad. Rarely do I find a case that combines look, feel, weight, bulk and protection into an amazing product. The monCarbone iPad Portfolio will not disappoint. This case will be my primary carry case for a long time. Go to the monCarbone site and check out all of their products.

monCarbone iPad Portfolio Twilight Blue

MSRP: $89.99

What I like: Fit, feel, weight and style is all amazing. It is carbon fiber for goodness sake!!

What could be improved: My only problem is that I do not have a monCarbone for my iPhone 4.

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  1. tablet2cases | July 20, 2011 at 8:53 am |

    the inlay of the front cover looks awesome. justifies the $89. not convinced how the case looks from outside though…

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