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July 21, 2011 • News

The Epitaph by AUTUM Won’t Be Seen in the Tour de France

If you’ve been watching any of the Tour de France, you’ll know that this cruiser is the antithesis of all those bikes … four low-profile tires on a custom frame that’s been built from scratch make for a bike that will turn heads and empty the pocketbooks of twelve lucky owners.

The Epitaph started as a humble cruiser but has somehow willed itself into the behemoth you see before you. Each Epitaph features a custom crafted wheel set that allows us to mount a total of 4 low profile tires. The seat, grips & frame inserts, also made from scratch, are fashioned with obsessively selected aged leather. Laser engraved Roman Numerals on the seat identify build number. Limited production run of (12) for a brief time.


  • Built USA
  • Powder Coated Steel Frame / Black
  • Oversized, Double Crown Fork / Black
  • Hand Cut & Laced Grips / Aged Leather
  • Hand Crafted, Laser Engraved, Turn & Tuck Seat / Aged Leather
  • Hand Crafted, Tank Mounted, Turn & Tuck Inserts / Aged Leather
  • Coaster Brake
  • Sealed Bottom Bracket
  • 4130 Chromoly 3 Piece Cranks
  • Polycarbonate Platform Pedals
  • (4) Twin Mounted Tires
  • (4) Custom Crafted Alloy Rims
  • Limited Production Run of (12)
  • Built To Order: 11 of 12 Remaining
  • Complimentary Domestic Shipping / International Orders: Contact Us

The AUTUM Epitaph is $2950; the hot chick is not included.

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  1. Michael Siebenaler says:

    Love it. Nice touch on the ending too. 🙂 Love the tires. Forwarding this one to our local, nationally-know bicycle museum. Thanks.

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