Sena Florence Rev3 for iPad Review – the Third Time’s a Charm


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Sena Florence Rev3 for iPad Review - the Third Time's a Charm Listen to this article

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Back in May we reviewed the Sena Florence for the iPad 2. It was a good-looking, slim folio-style case for the iPad that included the “Auto Sleep/Awake” functionality and served double-duty as a stand for viewing and typing. The original version was a good case, but I did encounter some issues with the Sleep/Awake functionality not working as constantly as I would have liked. It wasn’t enough of an issue for me to not use and enjoy the case mind you, but it was something that I noted in the review.

Last week we looked at the second version of the case. It had the same design, but Sena had added a line of thread around the leather surrounding the iPad’s bezel and used a slightly stronger magnet for the Sleep/Awake functionality. The new magnet improved this case over the first version, but I still found the Sleep/Awake functionality to be flakier than I would have liked.

Now we’re getting an exclusive first look at Rev3 of the Sena Florence and… I officially have a new favorite case. Here’s why …

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This is my iPad 2 in the Sena Florence. As you can see, the line of thread around the iPad’s screen remains. The reason for this is “to protect the case and keep it firm so that the leather will stay in place even as the case wears in”.

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The Rev3 Florence maintains the same slim profile as before and, as we will see in a moment, reminds me of the thin leather driving gloves that fit tightly and perfectly.

The rectangle of stitching that you can see in the middle lower portion of the back is there to secure the tab of material that holds the iPad inside the case. It adds a slight bump to that section that bothered me at first. However, it wasn’t long before I found that this actually created a great grip-point on the case when I was carrying it!

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The cutouts are, once again, perfect.

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And the case beautifully molds to the iPad 2’s curves.

IMG 5179 wm

The leather tab with the Sena name remains and works perfectly to provide a great angle for typing once the cover is folded back and slipped into it.

IMG 5181 wm

So what’s the key difference between the Rev1, Rev2 and this Sena Florence case? If you look in the lower right hand corner of the case you will see… nothing.


In the original version of the Florence there was a small pocket of leather and the cover was slightly cut in one place. The cover would slip into the pocket and, in the process, the magnet in the cover would put the iPad to sleep.

IMG 5171 wm

The new version of the Florence won’t have that pocket. Instead the magnet in the cover has been made much stronger; now it has enough strength to secure the cover to the case and keep it closed. This new design results in the Sleep/Awake functionality being 100% consistent. In other word,s my one hesitation about the case has been resolved, and I can now recommend this case to anyone without reservation.

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I have heard from one or two Gear Diary readers who bought the first version of the Florence and have encountered issues with the Sleep/Awake functionality. Anticipating that they might express concerns over not having the new iteration, I reached out to Sena.  Here’s what they had to say:

We at Sena are always listening to our customers and improving our designs based on customer input and rigorous weekly testing on all our different cases / products for improvements.   We update our product management plan to implement the improvements, make them happen swiftly, and [we] promise to stand behind our product to offer the very best product for the very best community of customers, both online and retail worldwide.

Sena also offers a full one year warranty to cover any manufacturing defects and any issues with the fit, form or functionality of the case, and we encourage our customers to call us in our quarterly email blasts to contact us if they are not completely satisfied. “Sena products are created to ensure satisfaction and service during the natural life of the product. We warrant to the original purchaser that its product will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of the original invoice, if not we will exchange it.”

So in other words, if you bought one of the first two versions and you aren’t satisfied, there is no need to suffer from “early adopters buyer’s remorse”. You can contact Sena, and they will arrange an exchange!

I love a company that stands by their products and listens to feedback from customers (and reviewers!); it is that type of good attitude and open communication along with a commitment to quality that led to the updated Sena Florence. The first release of the Florence was okay, the second was better, but this new design is perfect! You can check out all of Sena’s cases on the company Web site.

MSRP: $79.99

What I Like: Sena style, quality and construction; Includes smart Sleep/Awake functionality; doubles as a two-position stand; gorgeous; Sleep/Awake function works perfectly now; leather frame around the screen seems thinner than before

What Needs Improvement: Nothing! If you are looking for a thin leather case that doubles as a stand AND includes the Sleep/Awake functionality this should be high on your list of options!

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