The Blue Microphone Mikey Digital Ups Your iOS Audio Recording

If you use iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini to record audio or video, the Blue Microphone Mikey Digital is a fantastic way to quickly and easily improve the quality of the audio captured. For under $100 the microphone, which plugs directly into the Lightning connector, will let you capture what you actually hear.This Mikey Digital is an update of the original, and it replaces the 30-Pin dock connector with the Lightning connector currently used on all iOS devices.

Blue Microphone Mikey Digital

Inside the box you get the Mikey Digital, a soft carrying case, a line-in adapter, and some instructions.

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From Blue Microphone:

Mikey Digital is an ultra-compact stereo condenser microphone that turns your iPhone or iPad into the sleekest mobile recording device around. Capture pristine recordings of live music, audio for video, podcasts, interviews, guitar and vocals—and whatever else you can imagine—whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. And it’s Lightning and iOS 7 compatible, so you can just plug in and go. With Mikey Digital, it’s never been easier to capture pristine audio—anywhere, anytime.

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One side of the Mikey Digital has the Blue Microphone name and logo. Right above it — and difficult sot see since they are not illuminated — are three peak level indicators that let you monitor the audio level being captured by the microphone. When in use this is the side of the microphone that should face the audio source.

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The other side of the microphone has a toggle switch that lets you choose between low, high and auto gain. I expect that I will use the Mikey Digital on Auto gain most of the time, simply because that is easiest.

Blue Microphones | Mikey Digital The Perfect Tool For Mobile Recording

One side of the microphone has a miniUSB plug that allows you to charge your device while you use it. Considering the fact that the microphone uses the iOS device’s battery for power, the option to charge while you record is a welcome feature. I am, however, a bit puzzled by the decision to use miniUSB when microUSB has become the de facto standard these days.

Blue Microphones | Mikey Digital The Perfect Tool For Mobile Recording

The top of the microphone has a 1/8″ instrument, external mic, line level input. A 1/8″ to 3.5mm adapter is included with the Mikey Digital.


  • Microphone Type: Stereo pressure gradient condenser
  • Sampling: 44.1kHz/16-bit
  • Polar Pattern: Cardioid
  • Weight: .18lbs
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz – 20kHz
  • Dimensions: 2.5” (L) x 2.5” (W) x .5” (D)


  • Stereo custom-tuned condenser microphones
  • USB connector for device charging
  • Auto level sensing, low gain, and high gain settings
  • Lightning connector
  • 230 degree swivel mount
  • Plug and play 1/8″ instrument, external mic, line level input
  • Compatible with most popular audio and video recording apps
Video Demo of the Blue Microphone Mikey Digital

Blue Microphones breaks down the Mikey Digital this way:

Blue Microphones | Mikey Digital The Perfect Tool For Mobile Recording

  • Thanks to Auto Level Sensing technology and multiple gain settings, Mikey Digital protects your recordings from distortion. It can even handle input sources up to 130dB—that’s loud enough to turn the built-in mic on your phone to dust. Microphone shielding drastically reduces environment noise, and an onboard LED clipping indicator lets you know when to adjust the sensitivity so you can get flawless recording results. Whether you’re recording a piano recital from the back of an auditorium or a monster truck rally from the front row, Mikey Digital is always optimized for best-quality sound.
  • Mikey Digital is a real head turner, with a unique 230-degree swivel head and reversible Lightning connector that lets you capture sound from any direction. All you have to do is direct the logo side of Mikey toward the sound source you want to capture.
  • No recording idea can stump Mikey Digital. The high-performance 1/8″ stereo input lets you record instruments such as guitar or bass, or line-level signals like a keyboard or DJ mixer. All with pristine audio quality, right on your iPhone or iPad. Whatever you need to record, Mikey Digital is your perfect companion.


I’m impressed with the Mikey Digital. I’m not sure the difference between the audio captured with it and the audio captured directly by the iPad came through as much as it could have on the YouTube video but, in person, there is a significant difference.  I do wish that Blue Microphone had included an extender cable, so the Mikey Digital could be used with something like the Padcaster. Unfortunately they did not, and the microphone simply won’t work with something that causes the connection on the iOS device to be a bit recessed. Other than that small complaint, I can’t find any fault with the Blue Microphone Mikey Digital. It delivers the quality audio it promises and does so without your needing to do much by way of fiddling with the settings. You can learn more about the Mikey Digital here. And you can order yours [Affiliate Link] here on Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Blue Microphone Mikey Digital

What I Like: Easy to use; Solidly built; Simple to use; Adjustable angle so it can capture sound directly; Three gain adjustments Inpur for instruments etc; Allows you to charge the device as you use it

What Needs Improvement: mini-USB rather than microUSB for charging; No included cable extended for use with cases and stands that cause the Lightning connector to be recessed

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