In Apple We Trust

In Apple We Trust

As you may have heard, Apple has surpassed Exxon to be the most valuable company in the world. This is hot on the heels of Apple having more money than the Federal government before the debt ceiling was raised. This indicates two things; one, the country needs some financial overhaul, and two, Apple is an unstoppable business machine.

Clearly what we need to do is combine Apple and our currency! Forget the dollar, start counting in iPods instead!

Surprisingly, these line up quite nicely:

$1 bill=white Apple earbuds

$5 bill=iPod Shuffle

$10 bill=iPod Nano

$20 bill=iPod Touch

$50 bill=Wifi iPad

$100 bill=3G iPad

Not only would our currency have resale value, it would come with optional Applecare! Who needs FDIC when you have a Genius Bar? And where would you rather do your banking, the boring brick building down the road, or the shiny white Apple store at your local mall? In the iDollar we trust!

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