Music Diary Notes: The Jazz Session – Final Plea for Subscribers!

Music Diary Notes: The Jazz Session - Final Plea for Subscribers!

I have written quite a bit about Jason Crane and the Jazz Session here, as it is a fresh and engaging interview series that neatly weaves together music and chat in a way that I very much enjoy.

The Jazz Session is free for listeners, which immediately puts Crane in the position of finding ways to fund everything related to the interview show (I know, just like every other person running a website!), which have included ads, Amazon tie-ins for music featured on the show, and even support from the site AllAboutJazz.

But it wasn’t enough – for Crane, running The Jazz Session had taken on ‘full time job’ hours without enough income to support even the show itself, let alone his life (and family) outside of the show. So he made a decision – a ‘100 by 300’ drive.

Basically, he said that he needed to have 100 ‘annual subscribers’ (which starts at $10/month or $110/year) by his 300th show in order to survive. Well … today is the 300th show. Here is his plea:

Why should I become a member?
I’m so glad you asked. As a jazz fan, you know how hard it can be to find in-depth interviews with the artists you love. And it’s even harder to find out about new musicians, particularly if you don’t live in a major metropolitan area. The Jazz Session is here to help. Every week, you’ll hear interviews with everyone from established jazz masters to up-and-coming young players. Documenting these musicians — and their thoughts about the creative process — is a vital part of keeping this music alive and strong.

Can I listen to the show if I don’t become a member?
The Jazz Session is free and always will be. Whether or not you join, you’ll still get the same two shows per week. That said, creating this show costs money, and having the time to create it means I need at least some of that time to be compensated. Your membership will help keep The Jazz Session going.

So what do I get?
The main thing you get is that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting something you appreciate and that you believe adds value to your life. This music and the people who make it are a vital part of our global culture. The Jazz Session exists to document that culture, and I hope that alone makes it worthy of your support.

So what is my interest? As you might have noticed, I am a fan of rather obscure music in general and jazz in specific. So any venue that elevates the visibility of jazz as a music and some of the lesser known artists who really need and deserve support … well, that is just great stuff in my opinion.

When I just checked, there were 6 more members needed to reach the goal (well, 5, but my membership hasn’t registered as I write this), which ends at midnight tonight!

Head to The Jazz Session Site and check it out. If you have made use of the interview show through the years, considering pledging financial support so that others can continue to enjoy all the great music and wonderful chat the show offers!

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