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I just spent more than I ever imagined to get a week’s worth of Slix socks, undershirts and briefs and I’m glad I did. They are, by far, the most comfortable undergarments I have ever worn and are worth every penny. Let me back up a bit and explain.

Last January I was getting ready for my SCOTTEVEST No Baggage Challenge for Charity to benefit the Haiti Plunge. I knew I needed things that would be super comfortable, wash easily and dry fast since I was only bringing one change of clothing for the entire week. I hunted around and found that a number of travel writers raved about Slix. I was not familiar with the brand so I jumped over to their site. I must admit, I balked at the price. Underwear was $24. Undershirts were $24. And socks were $18 a pair. (Combo packs are $57.) Still, I was doing a No Baggage Challenge for Charity but was also going to be “working” CES. I needed to be as comfortable as possible and I needed to ensure that I could wash my things each night and know they would dry quickly.I bought two sets. They were awesome!

And, believe it or not, there IS a technology angle to this since, as they explain, “Integrating technologically advanced textiles with cutting-edge designs, Slix delivers the most comfortable, fashionable and highest performing underwear for the professional man.” High-tech underwear… go figure.


Who and What is Slix all about? Let’s let them tell their story in their own words.

Slix founder Greg Hall had been searching for underwear that fit his active professional and personal lifestyle for years. Traditional cotton underwear, with its shortcomings –it stretches out, retains moisture, comes untucked, and doesn’t move with you — just wasn’t cutting it.

Department stores still predominantly offered cotton underwear, differentiated only by brand and value. You could select the $52 pair with the designer label or the generic 3-pack for $12. Functionally, there was very little difference.

Athletic stores offered garments that utilized performance materials, but none that were designed with the versatility to meet the daily needs of an active professional.  Hall wanted underwear that would not only be functionally superior to cotton, but also versatile enough to wear to the office, under jeans or shorts, working out, or under his board shorts at the beach.

There the idea was born: Slix would do for professional men what garment manufacturers had done for athletes a decade before – provide them with revolutionary products that fundamentally enhanced their comfort and performance.

Slix launched in November 2009 as an online, direct-to-consumer business with the mission to enhance the lives of professional men through superior products and exceptional service.

So after having my two sets of Slix in “rotation” I finally decided to go “all in” with Slix (with my SCOTTEVEST boxers in the mix for good measure.) I bought a bunch of Executive Packs and couldn’t be happier.

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  1. Ok, you convinced me. I ordered an Executive Pack today. Nice work.

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