The Mood Ring Hits 2019 with the iGlam Smart Ring

Have you ever looked at a random piece of jewelry and thought, “If only I could make that change colors, and have to charge it constantly?” No? Me either, but someone did, and the iGlam Ring now exists.

The ring is made of 925 Silver with semi-precious stones. You have to sync iGlam to the app and it’s ready to use. In the app, you can program the LED light and set colors by yourself using a color palette that is built in app or pick up a color directly from the wardrobe.

iGlam is referred to by the creators as a smart ring, but that’s somewhat debatable. It’s more of a mood ring for the 21st century. Nothing in their press release or website indicates the ring has any notification powers or tracks anything, but it does require an app so you can change the color. The idea is that you can wear it as a ring, or necklace, or get two and make earrings, but at the touch of a button you can change the colors to match your outfit. Or to root for your favorite sports team. Or because you know your dinner companion loves/hates a specific color and you want them to have to stare at it all night. The possibilities are endless.

The jewelry is not going to last all night, however, with a predicted 5-hour battery life. It does come with a portable charging case (that adds an extra 10 hours charging capability on the go) because nothing says classy like “Hang on, I have to go charge my earrings.” No word on pricing yet, but it should be on Kickstarter in 2019. So if you miss your mood ring, and you love the idea of making chunky jewelry change colors, plug your email address in at the iGlam site for updates on when and how you can get yours.

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