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I know this is going to come as a shock to those of who you frequent the site but… I love SCOTTEVEST clothing. I wear one of their jackets pretty much every day, I love my SeV hoodie and, recently, I got some of their Q-Zip and performance t-shirts which I pretty much live in when I’m not in a suit. So it should be no huge surprise that I was intrigued when they pulled the curtain back on their latest product- the SeV Travel Boxers. Well, I’m not a boxer kinda guy (yeah, yeah… TMI…) but these just might change that. The come in two colors, black and gray. I received a black pair for review the other day, and the gray ones I ordered for myself came yesterday.

Here’s a quick look at them.

Obviously I’m not the one modeling the travel boxers (You are welcome!) 🙂


Proper layering is an important part of comfortable travel, and it all begins with the base layer. We developed the SCOTTEVEST Travel Boxers with an around-the-world trip in mind – the trip of your life – and then actually tested them for 6 weeks around the world! The perfect travel boxers had to be: lightweight, amazingly comfortable, cool and wicking, occupy a very small space when folded, dry quickly when washed, be usable as shorts in a pinch (Don’t believe us? Watch the video starring our CEO here)
have an iPhone® pocket, resist odor.

By using high-tech fabrics and design, we have succeeded on each of those points. (That iPhone®-sized “bare essentials” pocket is the bonus SeV twist!) We put as much attention into engineering these boxers as we do engineering most complicated clothing, and before we introduced them to the market we put them through an extensive, six-week field test.

We sent travel writer Rolf Potts and his videographer Justin on the first No Baggage Challenge, wearing our travel boxers. Rolf spent 42 days circling the globe with no bags, and all of his travel essentials in the pockets of his SeV. He wore one pair of SeV Travel Boxers and carried a second, washing them in the hotel sink each night and trading off between the two. The boxers had to endure heat, cold, planes, trains, buses, camels, cities, deserts, desserts (the waistband has some stretch!) and more hand-washings than most people do in a year. His assessment: they work perfectly! (unlike some other brands)

The SeV Travel Boxers pair well with our performance tops to provide a cool base layer for your travels, whether they entail shuffling through airports or going on safari. We field tested them in many different environments across the globe before bringing them to you, and we know that you will be as pleased with them as we are. The SeV Travel Boxers are made of Nylon and Lycra® material and treated with Aegis® Microbe Shield. Machine washable, fast-drying. Buy 3 of the same color & size and get them for $15 each.


As you can see, the boxers have the traditional SCOTTEVEST/SeV lettering on the elastic band. The material is lightweight and feels exceptionally comfortable. They are extremely well made.


Since this is an SeV product they have… a pocket. It is perfectly sized for an iPhone, iPod touch and Nexus 1.


Because it is a perfect fit for an iPhone, one of the larger-screened phones that have been appearing might be a bit on the tight side.


Wearing these around yesterday I actually found the pocket quite useful. Yes, no surprise here, I AM the kind of guy who has his iPhone on him constantly.

The SeV Travel Boxers are available directly from the SCOTTEVEST website.

MSRP: $20 ($15 if you purchase three or more in the same color)

What I Like: Comfortable; fast drying; can double as shorts in a pinch; iPhone pocket is quite useful; the “nameless boxer model” for these photos looked GREAT in them 🙂

What Needs Improvement: Only available in two colors; pocket may be too small for large-screened smartphones; I wish they came in boxer-briefs too

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  1. Drew Guttadore | November 11, 2010 at 5:26 pm |

    Hmmm.. Any one that logs a lot of miles travelling knows not to wear boxers, they tend to ‘ride up’ and constantly require adjustment.. Briefs much better (TMI!!!!)

    That said, do we really need a technology pocket, on our ‘smalls’ ??? 🙂

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