Adventures in Customer Service: Apple = Awesome

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Adventures in Customer Service: Apple = Awesome Listen to this article


Only a card-carrying fanboy would entitle a post something like this right? Maybe, but read the post, and tell me how many companies would have done what I witnessed a short time ago.


I just had to make an emergency stop at my local Apple store. I did something stupid with my iPhone (no I won’t go in to detail), and despite it being out of warranty they immediately fixed it for nothing. They had every right to charge me but they didn’t. Love Apple!

That, however, isn’t the reason for this post. This is!

While I was waiting, there was a woman and her two small children there with a first generation iPad. The iPad had a good number of dings on the back; clearly it was “well-loved”. The Apple representative went to the back to check something, and I joke with the woman, “Upgrade to the iPad 2 – you’ll love it.”

“Oh no,” she replied, “this isn’t my iPad. It belongs to my husband who is stationed in Afghanistan. He sent it home because it broke, and I’m trying to get it fixed and send it back to him as quickly as possible since it will take over two weeks. It’s the best way for us to keep in touch.”

She went on to tell me that this is his third tour (the first two were in Iraq), and he has currently been there since December.

She took her kids to see something and the Apple store representative came back.

“You know that that belongs to her husband who is serving in Afghanistan right?” I said

“Yes” he replied.

“What an amazing story. Well obviously this is beat up and out of warranty but you’re going to take care of her right?”

“It is way out of warranty.” he said “but there’s no way we’re not replacing the iPad.”

He stepped away briefly and returned a few minutes later with a pristine iPad 1 refurb for her.

How much do I love Apple!

Yeah, I’m an Apple fanboy, and sometimes they remind me why.

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