iEraser Screen Cleaner Review

iEraser Screen Cleaner Review

Nearly every device most of us use today involve some type of touch screen. Phones, tablets, GPS units…you name it and we are smudging the screens. In fact, laptops and desktop monitors somehow seem to get greasy after just a couple of days use. There is not a day that passes that a smudged up screen is not annoying me. Anyone who is a parent of young children like myself know that anytime a kid gets near one of the screens it seems to get grungy. Our devices seem to be magnets for fingerprints and smudges. I recently had the opportunity to use The iEraser screen cleaning device. Does it do the job? Let’s take a look.

iEraser Screen Cleaner Review

The iEraser – the Screen Cleaning Device does an amazing job of keeping your Tablets, Laptops, Monitors and Flat Screen TVs (glossy glass screens) fingerprint and smudge free!

Just a wipe or two and the grease and dirt are GONE leaving a clean, smear free screen for you to enjoy without a ton of accessories – all you need is the ingenious iEraser from Best®.

With The iEraser all you do is wipe and go!

The iEraser was invented by an iPad® user and has been exceptionally engineered for nearly 2 years for exceptional cleaning ability – without any messy liquids or wipes!
The result of combining imagination with American ingenuity, we present to you the Ultimate Screen Cleaning Device – The iEraser

iEraser Screen Cleaner Review

The iEraser measures 4.5″x2.5″ and is a hard plastic block with a soft wiping surface. The size fits well in a hand and the product is well made and solid. The soft cloth wiping surface is a specially developed microfiber material designed to remove fingerprints and smudges. No chemicals or cleaners are needed to clean the device or maintain the iEraser. If lint builds up on the soft surface, lightly brush it off and keep on using. It is designed to work for a long time.

I tried using the iEraser on various screens and found some valuable information about how well it works. First off, I had mixed results using the product on screens that contained a screen protector. The material is designed for use on glass surfaces and it does that well. When there was not caked on gunk, the iEraser shines up the screen with just a couple of firm swipes. If there is heavy smudges, it is best to clean them with a damp towel first then use the iEraser to keep it clean from that point on. The best part of the eraser is that there is no risk of scratching the screen when cleaning the surface.

iEraser Screen Cleaner Review

I found that daily use of The iEraser did help easily keep my screens clean and clear. While the product will not work if you have heavy gunk (like from kids fingers), usual fingerprints and smudges will be quickly erased and the screen like new after each use. The microfiber material is designed to be used on the bare glass screens of devices so your mileage may vary if you utilize a screen protector. Black, white and pink iErasers are available and the sale of each color donates $.25 to one of three charities.

The iEraser
MSRP: $14.95

What I like: The iEraser safely and quickly cleans basic fingerprints and smudges from my devices’ screens.

What can be improved: I did have mixed results when cleaning surfaces that included a screen protector.

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  1. great review. I went over and made a purchase for 2 of them and it’s great to know that they donate back to some great charities. can’t wait for them to arrive, my household has iPads, iPhones, glossy Mac screens that all could use a good product like this

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