One of the Many Differences Between Donald Trump and the Rest of Us

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One of the Many Differences Between Donald Trump and the Rest of Us

While the rest of us are flying Coach and griping about baggage fees, Donald Trump is flying primo-class in his own custom “luxurious” 757 Jet, which he purchased from Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, for $100 million. Seating 43 and with a 16 hour range at 500 mph, the jet boasts: a galley, a first class sleeper area (where seat belts and everything else are 24K plated), a dining area, a main lounge with sky theater (57″ screen and  the sound system of a Hollywood screening room, 1000 movies and 2500 CDs on demand throughout the cabin), a guest area (wrapped in wood and sporting its own home theater system), and Mr. Trump’s bedroom, (which is covered in “yards and yards of elegant gold silk adorning the walls”, a home-theater system, and pillows everywhere with the Trump family crest), a master bathroom with shower and 24k gold-plated sink, a VIP area (as if the whole plane wasn’t enough?), and an upgraded, state of the art flight deck.

It’s all a bit much, so it has to be seen to be believed …

Way to represent, Donald. =P

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