The FLOTE Orbit Desktop Tablet Stand Is Close to Perfection

Ask me what my favorite headphones are, and I’ll list three or four different models. Ask me what my favorite tablet stand is and I’ll answer, “The FLOTE M2 Floorstand Tablet Stand.” (Reviewed here.) Now another tablet stand is giving the M2 a run for its money; the FLOTE Orbit is the M2’s smaller sibling, and it is awesome.The FLOTE M2 is just under $300. That’s rather pricey, but considering the build-quality and the fact that it will last forever, it is more an investment than a purchase. The Orbit comes in at a more reasonable $129.99. And while it is a desk stand, as opposed to the M2 which is a full floor stand, it has the same excellent build and functionality.

FLOTE Orbit Hands Free Tablet Stands for iPad Kindle eReaders
The FLOTE Orbit Is the Cute Tablet Stand in the Center

The Orbit ships in three parts. Be warned… This is a small stand, but the package that will arrive is still rather heavy.

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The base is a solid piece of metal and makes up the bulk of the weight. The vertical arm slips inside the center piece of the base and screw in place with a single included screw. The process takes a full ten seconds to complete.

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At the top of the vertical pice is a round ball of metal that also holds an angled extension.

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This ends in a cylindrical pice that houses a strong magnet.

From CRC Innovations:

Orbit is our smallest stand, perfect for those tighter spaces like kitchen countertops, retail checkout, and more.

This image offers a great rundown of the Orbit’s features:

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Video Review of the FLOTE Orbit:

The design of the FLOTE Orbit is such that it will work with almost every tablet and eBook reader. If, however, you are using a super-protective, thick case you may run into an issue. I don’t see that happening too often.

FLOTE Orbit FloteYourTablet com


  • Enables hours of hands-free, discomfort-free ergonomic use of tablets and e-readers.
  • Compatible with virtually all tablets on the market, with or without a case*. No adapter needed.
  • Magnetic Ball Joint technology enables you to orient your tablet in virtually any position freely & easily.
  • Thoughtfully engineered to enable simple, fluid adjustment for use in virtually any situation.
  • Round weighted Base included. A versatile, low-profile reversible Clamp is also available for attaching FLOTE Orbit to tables, desks and countertops. See details about clamp below.
  • Elegant and clean design complements any interior setting. Ideal for business applications.
  • Precision-crafted, all-metal components insure a lifetime of enjoyment.
  • Includes a one-year limited warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

I love and use the FLOTE M2 Floor Stand Tablet Holder. It is a beautifully designed tablet accessory. I am equally enamored with the FLOTE Orbit. It is solid, holds my tablet securely, looks great and will last for many iPad generations to come. I do wish the top portion offered a bit of vertical adjustment but, if I am looking for that, I can always pick up the FLOTE Desktop Stand. The Orbit delivers exactly what it is intended to deliver and it does so for under $130.

FLOTE Orbit FloteYourTablet com

Honestly, if you make serious use of your tablet you should consider getting one of these. If your significant other makes serious use of his/her tablet you should consider getting him/her one of these. And if you are looking for a holiday gift for someone high-up on your priority list and are willing to spend over $100 on their gift… I can all-but guarantee this will make a present they will love and make use of.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the FLOTE Orbit

What I Like: Solid; Great-looking; Works with a wide variety of tablets; Works with most tablets in a case; Easily put together; Will last forever

What Needs Improvement: No height adjustment

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