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Last night I went to pay for something. I pulled out my wallet and the woman behind the counter looked at it and said, “Now that’s a nifty gadget!” “Thanks,” I said, “I like everything about it but the color; I wish it were black.”

“NOOO! she said, that’s my favorite color. I love it!”

As I walked away I thought to myself, “Thanks for the first line of my review!”

We reviewed the first iteration of the Flipside Wallet about a year ago. In fact, if you go to the Web site our conclusion that “This wallet is a vault in a pocket.” is still prominent on the home page.

The company has released the next version of the Flipside Wallet, and I have been using one of the first for the past week or so. What do I think? “I like everything about it but the color; I wish it were black.” 🙂

Fortunately black is also one of the four color options. Let’s take a look…


From the Company:

Security with style, the Flipside Wallet carries and protects all your items in a compact, colorful design.

Intuitive design; quickly slide cards out with your thumbs and easily count cash.

Your secret weapon against RFID theft, the Flipside Wallet locks itself shut and shields your cards from RFID theft.

A streamlined wallet, one side holds cards, the other holds cash, receipts and pictures.

Secure locking, assisted opening, never lose anything out of your wallet again.



• RFID Shielding: Main card slots prevent RFID Theft of your credit/debit cards

• Completely Reinforced Design: Smarter construction with stronger polymers

• Better Organization: New third card slot allows 7 cards to be held in 3 slots

• New Detachable Clip: Use external clip for holding business cards and receipts

• Improved Cash Storage: New internal cash clip allows easier handling of bills


My Take:

Let me be upfront about this, when I first took the Flipside Wallet out of the bag it was in, I was not impressed. It was made of plastic, felt far lighter than I expected, and the internal elements that hold everything in place moved around and made a noise when you shook it. It felt … cheap. I was disappointed.

After I loaded my stuff into it however, my impression changed completely. The noise was gone, the weight was perfect for carrying in a pocket, and the convenience? Well, I’m getting ahead of myself.


The Flipside Wallet is a bit bigger than a credit card. Obviously it is thicker. One side has the Flipside logo and a button/latch for opening the wallet.


The other has a clip where you can quickly and easily slip some receipts, a note, business cards or some cash you want quick access to. The clip can be removed but I have already found it to be quite useful.


Press the single button, and the Flipside Wallet flips open to reveal card holders on either side and a divider that offers two additional places to hold things.


The money clip works perfect and can hold a good many bills. No, this is not the solution for you if you insist on carrying a wad of cash with you, but it will allow you to carry what you need, so long as you don’t have $200 in singles.


The clip on the other side is just large enough to grab a license and hold it in place.


Flip the divider over and you find slots for three cards on each side or, if you are carrying thin cards like my AAA card, up to four. For me this means three credit cards (AmEx, Visa and a work Visa) on one side and my Health Insurance, Bank, AAA and CostCo card in the other.


I have been using a Levenger Pocket Briefcase for years (and overstuffing it), so the Flipside Wallet forced me to be selective with regard to what I carry. I had to give up the various pictures I keep with me, some additional cards, some notes from Elana from when we first met and a lucky $2 bill. Fortunately I was able to take pictures of all of them and, since I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone with me, keep them anyhow.

There is something else that is worth mentioning and makes this wallet a truly hi-tech wallet…


A key feature of the Flipside Wallet is its ability to protect against RFID theft. Since this is a new area to me I figured I would let the folks at Flipside explain it. (It is long but it is worth reading whether you are planning to buy the Flipside Wallet or not.)
Here’s what their Web site says…

Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. Credit cards that use this technology are currently being issued by all the major credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, and are being distributed to consumers as an alternative to magnetic strip cards. You may already be carrying one of these RFID enabled cards in your wallet and not even know it.

These cards are often referred to as “contactless smartcards” or RFID enabled cards. Inside an RFID card is a small microchip and antenna that are able to communicate with an RFID reader. Because of their ability to store large amounts of data, and the fact that it makes check-out a lot more convenient and faster, the production and use of RFID enabled credit/debit cards are projected to keep growing at a rapid rate.

The problem lies in the fact that thieves are now using RFID readers of their own to scan a person’s credit card information, without ever touching them! This is because an RFID reader uses radio waves to communicate with an RFID enabled card, and is able to read the card right through a person’s wallet, even if their wallet is in their pocket. Depending on the frequency of the RFID reader, a thief can be anywhere from 1- 15 feet within your range to scan your cards.

RFID Thieves typically hang out at crowded areas where they can be close to people without being too conspicuous, such as the outside entrances to malls and stores, or even sitting quietly in a coffee shop with their lap top open.

This is where the Flipside Wallet™ comes in—a wallet capable of protecting your RFID enabled cards, so noone can take your card information without your permission or knowledge. The wallets unique, Patent Pending design not only shields your cards from RFID theft, but it also has a secure locking mechanism to insure that the wallet does not accidentally pivot open while inside your pocket or bag, which could create a hole in the shielding effect and expose your cards.


The bottom line is this… the Flipside Wallet delivers EXACTLY what it promises. It gives you a safe, secure place to keep the most important information and cards I need with you at all times. They items you select are kept safe and secure in a something that locks closed but opens with the tap of a button. Everything is kept perfectly organized and the hard plastic of the Flipside Wallet guarantees you won’t experience “wallet creep” as more and more stuff finds its way in. It is thin and light and gets the job done. No, it isn’t classy and refined the way a leather wallet can be but it really is “…a vault in a pocket.” In fact, thanks to the RFID Theft Protection the Flipside Wallet is a hi-tech vault in a pocket.

I like everything about it … except the color, and I can live with that.

The Flipside Wallet is available directly from the Flipside Website.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Keeps you organized; keeps cards in place until you want them; opens with the tap of a button; cards slide out easily; prevents “wallet creep”; offers RFID theft protect

What Needs Improvement: Nothing really comes to mind other than the fact that it would be great if they offered two models — a slim and a larger one for more cards and perhaps even a travel model that is even larger

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  1. Two things I don’t like are the fact that it’s plastic and the price. I’m used to carrying a wallet in my hip pocket, so I’m sure I’d break this thing within a week and be out $40.

  2. Plastic- Initially that bugged me too but the pros far outweigh the cons for me

    As far as the back pocket goes… I stopped keeping my wallet there years ago. Guaranteed back issues in my opinion…

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  5. I just ordered one, hoping its as good as it looks. I’ve been using a jimi wallet since 2006, so a plastic wallet is not new to me.

  6. Sadly, I didn”t like it. Perhaps I am the only one?

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