My First Experience With a 3D Phone: LG Thrill

My First Experience With a 3D Phone: LG Thrill

One of my students excitedly hurried into my classroom the other day, exclaiming that I had to see her new phone. Kids show me their new gadgets everyday, but this was obviously something special since the other students were just as excited. When she presented it to me she just exclaimed, “3D!”

In her hand was one of the newest Android handsets from LG to sport 3D technology. The LG Thrill is exclusive to ATT and can be purchased for $99. The hardware seemed nice and was similar to other Android phones I have played with, but I really just checked out the 3D features quickly. I shot a couple of videos with my iPhone 4 to show some of the 3D interface.

I know it is kind of difficult to see the 3D qualities in the video, but they are there. I was quite impressed with the quality of the 3D views. The above video shows the menu for the 3D portion of the interface. From most angles, the 3D is gorgeous. The animations seem to jump off the screen. The YouTube 3D has other users uploaded videos which were awesome! One video showing some mountains was breath-taking. Through my short look at the phone, I never felt eye strain or headaches as often is the case with 3D devices. Below is a demo of one of my favorite games on IOS, Concrete 6 in 3D. It is beautiful. I am not sure if the whole 3D craze is a fad, or something that will keep improving and become the norm, but I would love to interact with the iPhone with this view.

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