TeleNav GPS Plus Gets Tests on a Quick Roadtrip


I have to make a quick trip up to Boston to see a few people. I was hoping to take the train but the schedule just doesn’t work. The same was true for flights. As a result, I’ll be driving to Boston shortly and then, later tonight, making my way back home. The trip is long enough on its own without my taking any wrong turns so I want/need a good GPS program. I looked at all my options and decided to go with TeleNav’s offering.


The app now comes with voice-guidance and, thanks to competition in the GPS app market, is a lot less expensive. In fact, you can get 12 months of voice-guidance for under $10 right now.

Here’s what the company has to say about it.

If you want navigation that gets you and gets you there, this app is for you. TeleNav GPS Plus helps over 24 million* people find where to go and how to get there with:

Speak your destination without needing to type

Clear voice-guided turn-by-turn directions spoken by people

Cheap gas price finder—updated daily!

Traffic-guided routing helps you avoid traffic jams

Automatic rerouting if you miss a turn or take a detour


I especially like having the ability to say my destination and have the app do the rest. (After using Siri for the last week and a half typing in search fields seems a bit archaic!)

And then there are the app’s other features.

Maps with live visual traffic flows

Traffic-optimized directions

Automatic rerouting gets you back

Arrival check-ins on Facebook

Shake to Go Address

My Favorites

My Contacts

Recent Places

Nighttime Optimized Navigation

Play My iPod (iOS multitasking)

It is a feature rich GPS app at an amazing low price for the year. I’ll have more to say after 9 hours using it today. 🙂 You can learn more on the TeleNav site.

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  1. I actually used it last week on my way to Boston and didn’t like it. Routing was terrible especially in the city (either due to bad routing logic or old map), and it only shows the very next direction on the screen. I wish t showed two or three arrows so I can prepare. I ended up using free Waze app and while it was not perfect, got the better result.  

  2. I just arrived in Boston and I have to agree that the fact that it only shows the very next turn was a real problem once I got into the city and there were numerous turns in rapid succession. Other than that it actually worked quite well. It locked onto the GPS signal quickly and kept it for the entire trip. But the issue with only seeing the next turn was a real problem at certain points.
    Written with Siri

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