Random Cool Video: If Quake Was Made Today!

Random Cool Video: If Quake Was Made Today!

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Ask anyone who was playing Doom when it first came out on a gaming computer they bought with their own money, and they will all agree on one thing: shooters have been drastically simplified through the years. The expression ‘dumbed down for console kiddies’ is bandied about, and while it sounds harsh and degrading, the reality is that due to controller limitations and a more casual and social focus of console gaming, traditional PC gamers are often frustrated at how regressive pretty much everything but the graphics are in current generation shooters.

Or, as the video creator says:

My (probably futile) attempt on making a statement about the quality of shooters this generation.


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3 Comments on "Random Cool Video: If Quake Was Made Today!"

  1. Is it just me, or does the soundtrack sound a lot like Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up”?

  2. For the original Quake, as shown in the latter half of the video, Nine Inch Nails did the soundtrack for the ’96 release.

  3. Ouch!

    Quake brings back many memories…when I got the CD way back when as it just came out, I loaded it on my workstation at work and showed off the graphics.  Within a day or two, around 16 testers, programmers and graphic designers there loaded up the game on their Pentiums on our phat 10-baseT network and wasted untold hours fighting against each other, shouting at each other over cube walls late into the night.  Good times from ye olde bachelor days of my misspent youth. 😉

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