Ribbz iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Protective Case Review


Ribbz iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Protective Case Review

Finding the perfect case to protect your Siri….err, your iPhone is usually an ongoing process. I always have a difficult list of features for my cases and seem to bounce from one to another. First of all, I will not use a case that adds a ridiculous amount of bulk to my iPhone. There are protective cases out there that do a wonderful job, but it can be like walking around with an old bag phone stuck in your pocket. Of course I want some sort of protection from the case as well as some style. There’s no use in adding a case if it does not look cool! Each case I use seems to match at least one or a combination of requirements, but rarely are all three found. I have been using the Ribbz case for the past couple of weeks to protect my iPhone 4, and the results have been positive.

Read on for the review and find out how to win your very own Ribbz case.

Ribbz iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Protective Case Review

As you can see from the images, the Ribbz case uses an interesting design to provide protection by distributing the force of a drop or shock through the case. The company strives to bring a case that provides high impact resistance with lightweight construction, durable soft touch and even doubles as an excellent video game grip. The case is made of a soft, playable and durable silicone that is extremely light weight. Choose from the seven colors (shown in the first picture), and just about everyone can find a case that meets their taste and style. The backside of the Ribbz case sports a hole to reveal the Apple logo as well as a reinforced opening for the camera.

Ribbz iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Protective Case Review

I have to admit needing a day or two to get used to the ribbed edge design. Not that the design is unattractive, but it is just unique. This case is like no other you will find so many people will notice them and ask what it is. Installation is similar to most silicone cases as the Ribbz slips on and off the phone quickly and easily. In fact, my wife and I have a dual iPhone charger on my nightstand and it works best if I do not have a case. The case simply pops on and off without issue, which is a first for all of them I have used lately. Most cases are smooth, so the ribbed edges seem awkward at first, but feel normal in a day or so. In fact, the design actually make the phone easier to hold on to, especially when playing games. My favorite feature of the Ribbz case is the fact that minimal bulk is added to the phone with maximum protection. I will talk about protection later, but the case only adds a small amount of size mostly at the corners. Despite the slight size increase, there is virtually no weight change.

Ribbz iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Protective Case Review

Ribbz cases are stylish, colorful, lightweight and add a minimal size increase. What about protection? The ribbed edges of the case are designed to dissipate the energy from a drop and flex with the shock preventing the force from being transferred to the device itself. The back is covered preventing scratches and the front of the glass is protected with a raised edge. Early tests of the case were a simple toss on a desk, and I noticed that it kind of bounced and seemed to really land lightly.

I could not make myself go all in with a true test until the case took a big drop on accident. When I am driving, I have a terrible habit of laying my phone in my lap so when getting out of the vehicle, the phone is often sent flying onto the pavement below. You know the kind of drop where it happens in slow motion as your deep voice says “Noooooooooo!” while you reach out to save the falling device? When my iPhone in its Ribbz Case hit the driveway, it simply bounced and rolled with not even a scratch. Since that drop, I have become more trusting as you will see in the video below.

Now when anyone asks me about the case, I simply toss it to the ground or act like I am dropping it for dramatic effect. Many of my students and athletes have decided they want their own Ribbz case. My only issue is with the white case. I love everything about the case and like the white color, but it has become quite dirty, but this is an issue every white case I have owned has had, but I wanted to make sure anyone thinking about a light color keeps this in mind. Despite the grungy appearance, the Ribbz case is still on my phone and probably will for the foreseeable future.

I have a red Ribbz case itching to find a new home! To have a chance to win, tell me what features are a must for your cases in the comments section below. I will randomly choose 1 winner for the red Ribbz case on Thursday November 10th from the comments then mail it out to the winner. You will not be disappointed!

I did not realize how much I would like this case, but it has only left my phone to charge up at night for the past three weeks. I love having maximum protection without the bulk! The Ribbz cases are a web-only product, so make sure you check out their site.

Ribbz Protective Case For iPhone 4 / 4S

MSRP: $29.99 (Web only)

What I Like: Super light case with no added bulk but provides maximum protection.

What Needs Improvement: The white case becomes quite dingy after three weeks of heavy use. I recommend a darker color.

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  1. That is the ugliest case that I have ever seen for the iPhone.

  2. Effective protection is a must.  I like the uniqueness of it. 🙂

  3. style and protection is my main concern.

  4. Slim and stylish. Yet it’s design provides great protection. Don’t think I would be dropping it on the floor over and over to prove it though.

  5. I just ordered the iphone 4s, I can’t wait to get it. I will need protection and this looks great.  Especially since I did not get the extended protection plan

  6. It’s, well, unorthodox looking, but I bet it feels nice to hold!

  7. I need a good case for those times when I need that kind of protection, at the beach or in snow. I’m not concerned about the look, just the function.

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  9. My main concern Is protection the screen.

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