How Fast Is an Elite Runner?

How Fast Is an Elite Runner?


When I ran the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll half-marathon, one of the highlights for me was right around mile 3.5. The course looped out and back, so that was the crossover point where us “back of the pack” runners were officially lapped by the elites. When Ryan Hall, arguably the best American professional runner today, came flying by us, the entire crowd chanted, screamed, and cheered.

It was amazing to catch even the slightest glimpse of an elite in action. The entire pack of professionals was running full miles in less time than it often takes me to run a half mile! It is hard to wrap your mind around just how fast that is, and how long they maintain that speed!

Asics, though, has a pretty clever way to do it. They videotaped Ryan Hall and challenged people to outrun him for 60 seconds. Check out the full video results below (if it doesn’t make you feel like a turtle in the first 30 seconds!)



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