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November 25, 2011 • News

Localscope For iOS 50% Off For 5 Days

Even though I rarely shop, I am an admitted Black Friday participant. I  usually have a playoff football game that Friday night but I almost always wake up early in the morning and head out. Why not hit a store or two, find a possible deal and watch people be crazy? The entertainment value alone is worth the loss of sleep. An area often overlooked on these big shopping days are deals in the iTunes App Store. Here’s a good one.

One of my favorite location based applications, Localscope will be on sale for half price from Black Friday until Cyber Monday. For more information on the app, read my initial review here. The developers have been making regular updates to the app and plan on releasing a new version in the near future.

Go get Localscope here in the App Store. 50% off the usual $1.99 price tag means it is under a buck.

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