Adventures in Customer Service:

Adventures in Customer Service:

During this busy Holiday season with so many great deals, it is easy to make an error as you check out – especially on pages with multi-select options. For example, you can choose the correct size of a shirt and then mess up as you look at a variety of colors and don’t re-check the size before your sale is complete. Ultimately what happens after the mistake depends on how you handle it and the customer service of the company – but it is always important to remember that YOU made the mistake and bear the responsibility.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I wrote about a great deal at for the entire Young Wizards series in eBook form for only $13.60. I immediately grabbed it, clicked to download and then … well, I left it in my downloads folder.

It was only this week that I went to download the books to my Kindle Fire and realized that rather than the combined ePub/Mobi version, I had mistakenly only gotten the ePub version! That would be fine for iBooks and Nook, but not for Kindle.

So I sent an email to the support address found in the email, noting what I had purchased, and that I had mistakenly ordered the single format when my intent was to get the dual-format version. And while I hoped for a positive outcome, I had already accepted my error and was prepared to deal with the consequences.

This morning I got an email from the same person – Lee Enfield-Burke – to whom I sent the question. Apparently Lee is the ebook store manager, as noted by Diane Duane herself … and although gender is not noted anywhere, based on the ‘anime female librarian’ avatar on the Young Wizards forums I am choosing to refer to Lee as female (sorry in advance!).

Lee told me ‘no problem’ … and within 3 minutes I had another email along with the updated details and download links for my dual-format order. So this wasn’t handled as a one-off, she went ahead and modified my actual order. This is important, as you are allowed 10 uses of the download link before it expires.

So now I have a fully functional order for the entire Young Wizards series for both my Kindle Fire and my kids’ Nooks (and my Nook Touch) – done quickly, easily and without any angst or consternation.

It is great customer service exemplified – you give a customer who has paid something that costs you nothing, but makes them feel like they got a major award! Thanks to Diane Duane for embracing ebooks, giving tweens an excellent fiction series that is diverse without pandering, and for hiring Lee Enfield-Burke to handle your ebookstore!

Be sure to check out all of the great ‘young adult’ eBbooks at And if your kids have not yet read the Young Wizard series, be sure to check them out – they are likely available to their school library or local library to check out … and then they will want to own them all!

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