Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Isn’t Quite Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited” has a nice ring to it. That’s probably why Amazon uses that name and not, say, “Kindle 10-at-a-time”, which is the more accurate assessment of the service. If you plan to load up before a vacation, bear in mind, you’re capped at 10 books before you have to “return” one!

Kindle Unlimited

It might come as a bit of a surprise to you when you see the 10-book limitation for the first time because that cutoff appears nowhere on the Kindle Unlimited jump page

Kindle Unlimited

… nor does it appear anywhere in the email you’ll receive once you’ve signed up.

Kindle Unlimited

While on the surface, this might not seem like too big of a deal, if you share your Kindle account with anyone, perhaps a spouse and a child, the 10-book cap can be reached rather quickly — especially since it is not a simple thing to remove a book from your unlimited account after reading it.

To do so, you must go into your Kindle account or attempt to “borrow” another Kindle book once your cap has been reached.

Did you sign up for Kindle Unlimited? And if so, have you been hit with the ten-book limit yet?

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