The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

I’ve always thought there was a certain “something” about a leather folio that made its carrier appear to be smartly pulled together. Maybe it’s that a folio limits its owner to only the absolutely essential “stuff” — all organized and safely zippered up.   Whether it’s true or not, folios create an appearance of maximum efficiency with minimal clutter; I like that.  And now that our documents, presentations, pictures, music, movies, receipts — and just about every other thing possibly imagined — can be carried digitally, my image of the pulled together professional has become even more narrow.

Ask me which person would impress me more: the one carrying a lovely slim designer leather briefcase containing a selection of files versus the one who can walk into a meeting with everything they need carried digitally on their tablet device, and whether it’s fair or not, I’m going to pick the person with all their data on the tablet. Now put that tablet inside a beautiful leather folio, and I’ll show you someone who has got their act together.

Biased thinking? Of course it is. But at least I am honest about it.

Beyzacases recently sent me their new Downtown Series Case. Because this case is a folio, it’s a little bit thicker than what I usually use, but if you can stand adding a little more bulk to your iPad, you might find that you can carry everything that you need in one package.

 The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

The Hype:

Another magnificent series from Beyzacases for Apple iPad 2 is about to change the way you carry your iPad 2.
Downtown Series is handcrafted with a detailed craftsmanship and there are 3 main features for a spectacular carrying experience of iPad 2. The first feature is the zip closure with the stylish leather top which is a perfect match with the overall concept and it secures your iPad 2 in the case. A double security is provided with the inner room for iPad 2 which the device can be placed and access to the basic functions are very easy in the open position as well.
Downtown Series for iPad 2 also has three multi-purpose pockets inside for placing your personal documents and any other things you can imagine plus six ID / Credit card holders provided for an easy access to your cards. Inner soft lining protects your iPad 2 and special room supports using the basic functions like recharge, camera use, volume buttons and speakers.

Measuring approximately 10″ tall x 8″ wide x 0.8″ thick, the Downtown Series folio is available is black, tan or red. The only branding is the small embossed Beyzacases logo on the bottom right of the front, which blends in almost to the point of invisibility; on the back an unobtrusive lowercase embossed “beyzacases” in silver. On the black version, red contrasting stitching breaks up all the black and adds a small bit of flash without making the case appear unprofessional.

The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

When the iPad is zipped inside of the folio, all corners are completely covered and the stiff edges of the case will provide corner drop protection. The leather cover is thick enough that it will also protect the screen from all bumps; it will survive quite a bit of pressure, but the cover is not going to make the iPad crush-proof.

Unzipping the folio reveals an elegant, protective, and well designed alcantra fabric lined interior. On the left there are six ID or credit card slots with a 6″ long x 3″ wide pocket. This section makes a 9.75″ long x 3″ deep pocket with another 9.75″ long x 6″ wide pocket behind it. If you aren’t the type who carries an over-stuffed wallet, you might be able to fit everything you need right here. If you prefer to continue carrying a wallet, this is the perfect place to keep business and other work-related ID cards. the pocket behind the card slots will be perfect for miscellaneous receipts and documents which haven’t yet been run through the NeatDesk Scanner. (You are using one of those, right? If not, you should!)

 The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

The Downtown Series uses my favorite tablet holstering system, which basically means that the iPad is inserted into a leather holster and held in place with a flap that securely tucks around the left side of the device.

 The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

As expected, the cutouts for the home button and front-facing camera are perfectly centered and placed. The red stitching is especially gorgeous inside the folio; the contrast created perfectly outlines the pockets, corners, and the iPad’s screen.

 The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

Full access is provided for adjusting the volume, mute/screen orientation switch.

The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio Case for iPad 2

There is also a cutout for the charging port on the bottom of the iPad. The one caveat is potentially a major one, depending upon how you use your iPad: due to the protective nature of the folio case, there is no rear camera cutout. Is that a deal-breaker for you or not? You’ll have to consider the way that you use your iPad (and its rear camera) before deciding.

If you have been looking for a professional folio-style case that will protect your iPad while carrying your other daily necessities, and if access to the rear camera is not a necessity, then you will most likely enjoy using the Downtown Series folio.

The Beyzacases Downtown Series Folio for iPad 2 is available directly from the manufacturer. It is available in black, tan or red.

MSRP: €139.95

What I Like: Beautiful black pebble-grained leather with red contrasting stitching; tabbed holster system holds the iPad securely; when the folio is zipped the corners are protected from drops; the leather cover protects the screen from bumps and scrapes; If you are an organized type, the Downtown Series folio can replace your wallet and briefcase

What Needs Improvement: No rear camera cutout will likely be a deal-breaker for some.

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