Portable Sound Labs CES Highlights

Portable Sound Labs CES Highlights

I recently reviewed the iMainGoXP by Portable Sound Labs, and found it to be an excellent solution for portable audio for my iPad and Kindle Fire. Now they are introducing a whole portable speaker line-up including some based on BlueTooth wireless communications!

Here are some of what they are introducing at CES this week!

PSL PipeLine: The device features a stellar base unit with two 2” subwoofers and two detachable speakers. For more sound “Drops” (separate PSL device) can be added, which can be synched to media device and carry sound throughout a home or provide killer surround sound.
PSL Drop: Each “Drop” speaker contains two 34mm active response drivers, is powered by a lithium rechargeable battery and digital amp. Features clear highs, rich deep bass sound that will enhance the PSL Pipeline device and that can conveniently be slid and carried in a bag, and synched to any media device.
PSL Base: This system features detachable PSL Slices containing dual 36mm active response drivers. Drop the Base on a table, power up the massive-sounding 4” sub, synch Slices and you’re ready to go.
PSL Slice: Each Slice contains two 34mm active response drivers and has an advanced digital amp for clear highs and rich deep bass. Set up additional speakers around your home for building your surround sound experience or take them with you when you leave – awesome sound wherever you need it!
PSL AllSpark: The PSL AllSpark is a portable speaker & docking station for any tablet, phone or MP3 player. Use it in its cube form as a seriously loud wireless dock/speaker, or split the AllSpark in half and place on any flat surface for an instant speaker dock.
PSL SideKick: The PSL Sidekick is designed to handle the most popular tablets on the market, providing protection and a killer sound.
PSL Aire Gate: Designed to fit the most popular tablets on the market, the AireGate’s patented ultra slim design offers more than form and functionality. This advanced technology speakers crank out a full spectrum of sound, allowing you to create your own personal home theater.
PSL Audio Attack Armor: This military tactical assault vest engulfs you in 360 degree surround sound for playing video games. Communicate with your patrol team via the integrated Bluetooth mic. No more ear fatigue from bulky headphones – lock and load, fasten your Audio Attack Armor, and immerse into battle!
iMainGo XP (bluetooth): A portable speaker system and protective case for your iPad or iPad 2. The speaker case features premium high-output stereo speakers ideal for listening to music, watching movies, or playing games. The XP is now compatible with any Bluetooth- enabled device.
iMainGo X20: With the same sound as the iMainGo X, this water-resistant, super compact boom box doubles as a protective case for your Apple i-device or smartphone. If you love the great wide open, then the iMainGo X20 is the must-have in portable sound systems.
iMainGo 2 (bluetooth): It may be small, but iMainGo 2 can flood a room with sound. Protect and enjoy your iPod®, iPhone®, mp3 player, or other device wherever you may roam. No need to plug in or recharge: an advanced design gets you up to 30 hours of playback time from four AAA batteries (included).
iMainGo X (bluetooth): The iMainGo® X is a ultra-portable speaker system and protective case for your iPhone, iPod Touch or mp3 player. With knock-out sound, the iMainGo® X boasts a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, two headphone jacks and a daisy-chain feature.

Head to Portable Sound Labs for more info – or if you are at CES stop by iLounge Pavilion booth #6207 and check it out in person!

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