Orb’s Mod1 PLUS Home Theater Speaker System: Big on Style and Sound

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Orb’s Mod1 PLUS Home Theater Speaker System: Big on Style and Sound Listen to this article


Here’s some exciting audio news: Speakers Do Not Have to be Square! Shocked? I’m sure you are but after years of being limited to boring square speakers it is now possible to get big sound from your home audio system without having to sacrifice style. Orb’s Mod1 PLUS Home Theater Speaker System is leading the charge by bringing aesthetic interest AND great sound to your den or theater room.


Sure, Orb’s system doesn’t come cheap, but as the company explains,

We know some of you are trying like crazy to keep your system under $1,000. The problem with that plan is usually the little things, like speaker wire and audio cables. So, we’ve thought long and hard and put together what we think is the best way to spend $999 on an Orb system and get everything you need to get started. The MOD1 PLUS package includes a 5.1 Mod1 speaker system that has the most important upgrade — a Mod2 center channel — together with 100 feet of speaker wire, a 12 foot subwoofer cable and our BOSS Mod2 horizontal center channel stand so you have some eye candy, too.

The Mod 1 Plus (shown at the top of the post) features an upgraded double Orb center speaker, single Orbs (Mod1) for remainder of speakers, and free speaker wire and subwoofer cable. It has an MSRP of $999.00.


You can also choose the Mod1 base system for $789.00. It includes single Orbs for each speaker (Mod1) plus a Super Eight or Uber Ten subwoofer.


The system comes in a variety of colors and are available for a 30 in-home trial for just $9 shipping. More information and ordering details can be founds here.

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