Native Union’s Offerings Another Example of Evolutionary Product Lines (and that’s a good thing)

POP Silver HR 1We’ve become a fan of Native Union products. The extend the reach of mobile devices with a special emphasis on iOs gear such as iPhones and iPads. Last month we reviewed the MMo3i and liked it. It is currently serving me well and one of the company’s   MMo3 Bluetooth handset is currently performing well in Judie’s home. Digital Experience, an annual CES Press event we had a chance to see the company’s latest offerings. There isn’t anything revolutionary here but they are next generation accessories and once you see them you will understand why we are looking forward to doing some hands-on reviews.

Mmo2t black WH10647
First up there is the MM02t ($59.99) sand the MM02u ($49.99). As someone who rarely uses his landline but DOES use his iPad as a phone thanks to Line2 this dual-line handset for mobile phones, tablets and computers is perfect. The MMo2 provides

separate lines mounted on a retractable system, allowing users to communicate on two devices with one handset. Users can easily toggle between gadgets using the central line switch button and the handset can also be used without the base. The MM02t enables up to two devices in the universal holder while the MM02u allows for one.

Judie seemed more taken with the Facedock. The Facedock is

a space-saving smart phone holder designed to improve the video calling experience by allowing users to video chat hands-free and with infinite phone positioning options for optimal viewing. The flexible rotation arm system allows users to set the optimal height, rotation and distance of the phone for every video call. Additionally, Facedock is engineered for compatibility with all headphones, speakers and Native Union handsets via a built-in jack.

Admittedly, the Facedock first struck us as a bit “home project” but when we took a closer look it was rather impressive, allowing for quick access to the phone and serving as a truly universal video conferencing solution.

Finally the company is releasing their MM05t. The $39.99 accessory is

a contemporary telephone handset for use in the home and office or while traveling. Designed specifically to sit on a flat surface while raising the microphone and speaker off the surface, the phone connects to mobile phones, tablets and laptops for comfortable mobile and VoIP conversations on a handset.

In all Native Union has done a nice job extending their offerings and combining style and functionality. We are looking forward to sharing some hands-on reviews with you soon.

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