Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

As a South Texas Country Boy, I am an avid rifle and bow hunter, fisherman, camper and all around outdoorsman. Technology and gadgets have come to play a huge role in the outdoors lifestyle, and we hope to bring more reviews and news of this type of gear in the near future. When you see the Camo Gear Diary logo, you know it is Country Boy approved!

As an avid shooter and hunter, I love to spend time at my friend, Travis’s place sighting in rifles or just working on accuracy. A while back I reviewed the X-Rest from Montie Gear and liked how light and portable the rest was. I recently had the opportunity to take Montie’s newer rest back to the range for some shooting enjoyment. The Travis’s, or Travii as my wife calls us, decided we were going to work on shooting at the 300 yard mark; we were shooting his customized .223.

Read on to see how the rest fared …

Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

For gun nuts here are the rifle specs: Trued Remington 700 action, Shilen match grade barrel, Jewell HVR trigger, McMillan Hunter BR stock and a Nightforce 12-42 BR scope. Bottom line, the gun is a joy to shoot! We were plinking at 300 yards over and over. Travis is the owner and gunsmith of Texas Custom Rifles, which has recently opened for business. If you are in the market for any kind of rifle or AR-15, drop me a note, and I can send you his contact information.

Accurate shooting is totally dependent on the shooter’s ability to steady the firearm. This can be done many ways depending on the situation. But when possible, it is best to use some sort of rest. When sighting in a rifle, the same shot must be repeated in order to adjust the scope. For this review, we used the Montie Gear Precision Rest coupled with sandbags for the rear of the gun. The first thing I noticed about the rest is how light it is. Weighing in at only 2.5 lbs, the precision rest is completely portable. The design allows for the pieces to be taken apart and stacked so it takes up a small amount of space. I easily fit the entire rest in my hunting backpack and set it up when I arrived at the shooting table in seconds.

Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

The fit and finish of the rest is high quality. It is called the precision rest due to the ability to adjust it, but the craftsmanship of the product is also precise. The feet provide the ability for both coarse and fine adjustment. We were easily able to get the basic height adjustments set quickly, then fine adjust the points as we began to shoot with a simple twist of the knobs. Within a shot or two, I was able to adjust the rest to just the right spot to keep me on target. It was quite comfortable to use.

Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

Above is a picture of the knob adjustment for the feet. Once the initial height is set, tighten the knurled nut to lock the leg in place. Micro adjustments can then be easily made with the large knob until the perfect height is achieved. The center of the rest is also adjustable for height meaning there is four points of adjustments.

Montie Gear Precision Gun Rest Review

Testing the precision rest for this review was actually loads of fun. We blew through several boxes of rounds shooting amazing groups at 300 yards. The padded feet kept the rest in place and the pads on the rest help keep the gun in place as well as protected. We quickly and easily adjusted the height to make shooting comfortable and easy. The fit, finish and design of the rest is second to none. This really is a high quality product.

Montie Gear Precision Rest

MSRP: $249.95

What I Like: High quality design and manufacturing; Easy to adjust and comes apart for portability.

What Needs Improvement: The price is pretty steep, unless you are a serious shooter.

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