Let There Be Light! Lighthouse 250 Lantern Review

Lighthouse 250 Lantern Review

Natural disaster, zombie apocalypse, or simply a camping trip. There are plenty of reasons to need a lantern that does not require electricity to work. The GoalZero Lighthouse 250 is a $79.99 USB lantern. With three charging options and an integrated USB port, you will not be left in the dark and can charge your phone in an emergency.


The Lighthouse 250 is a rechargeable lantern and USB hub all rolled into one. The lantern is adjustable up to 250 lumens which will easily light up a large area considering the small size of the product. Turn the small green nob to the right, and both lights adjust from dim all the way to “Turbo” which will provide 360 degrees and the full 250 lumens of light. Turning the nob to the left utilizes one light in the same manner and is perfect if using while walking or against a wall. I will assume this mode will only use about half of the battery, while still providing plenty of light. A metal handle allows the lantern to be carried while foldable legs allow users to set the light up higher. The red triangle button turns on red blinking lights from the top of the lantern to be used in emergencies. While the red lights are not terribly bright, they would get someone’s attention in a dark emergency situation.

Lighthouse 250 Lantern Review

So, the Lighthouse 250 is a great light for camping, hunting, or power outages, but there are other cool features. The lantern charges via USB which is actually built into the unit. I absolutely love that there is no need to keep up with yet another charging cable. Simply plug it into any USB charging source, including solar panels, and you will never be without light. For a situation where no electricity is available, a hand crank is included in the top of the lantern that will charge the battery. One minute of crank will provide approximately 10 minutes of light.

Lighthouse 250 Lantern Review

While having a built in USB charging cable, the lantern also has a USB output port. Yes, this cool little device will even charge other electronics. There is enough power to charge a phone twice, and it can even give a battery boost to larger devices such as tablets. Not only do you not have to be without light in an emergency, but you can also keep your phone charged which could save your life.

The GoalZero Lighthouse 250 is a heavy-duty, well-made product. The light is customizable and extremely bright with options to save some battery life. There will never be the need to change batteries since the lantern is rechargeable and it doubles as an external battery. I will bring the light with me when I am in the woods hunting obviously for light but also for emergencies. Being able to hand crank charge the battery as well as use solar power makes this a must have for many situations.

GoalZero Lighthouse 250

MSRP: $79.99

What I like: Light, emergency power and alternate charging methods make this a must have product.

What can be improved: I honestly love the lantern and have nothing that needs improvement.

Source: Manufacturer supplied sample.

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