Adonit JotStudio App Designed With Hardware in Mind

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Adonit’s Jot and Jot Pro Stylus for the iPad is an unusual animal. We reviewed it here and had this to say

What sets the Jot and the Jot Pro apart from the crowd is the disk at the top. Rather than having a relatively wide rubber tip for darting or writing the Jot and Jot Pro have a ballpoint tip that then attaches to a clear disk. The ball-point tip gives you accuracy while the disk protects the screen from scratches. It looks rather odd and does take a few minutes of adjustment but, after that, it REALLY WORKS!!

It is an impressive combination from a company that clearly pays attention to how people use their tablet and what details, like the threaded back so you don’t lose the cap, are important. In all my initial experience with the Jot and Jot Pro is entirely positive. We’ll see how it stands up to daily use but, for now, I highly recommend this tablet accessory.

Now the company has released an app specially designed to work with the Jot and Jot Pro stylii.


Jot Studio is an iPad app that is designed to let your iPad replace paper just as the Jot and Jot Pro are intended to replace pen. As the company explains,

JotStudio is a collaging and sketching app calibrated for a precision stylus rather than a finger. JotStudio was specifically built to be used with Jot by Adonit, the most precise stylus on the market

JotStudio lets you be more precise in your drawing on the iPad because it “overwrites the default finger offset, giving you 100% accuracy”. In addition, it lets you quickly and easily create image collages and then JotStudio’s manipulation tools “allow you to crop, scale, rotate, copy, and paste.”

What can you do with JotStudio?

Diagram the flow of blood on an image of a heart or the flow of traffic through an urban landscape

Collect inspirational photos and sketch designs around them

Record a great meal with photos, ingredients, and insightful comments

Storyboard out the next ground breaking UI experience or award

There’s a lot more to this app that I am just beginning to explore. We’ll have more soon but if you want to learn more now check out the product page. Or better still, head here to the iTunes App Store and grab it for yourself. Right now it is free but it won’t stay that way for very long.

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