Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD for iPad Review

Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD for iPad Review

Time management games are a love/hate proposition for many – the frantic pacing, the evolutionary gameplay mechanics, and the basic scenarios mean that aside from the core challenge there isn’t much to hang on. Yet for other G5 games like Stand of Food Supermarket Management it works perfectly well and provides loads of fun. Jane’s Hotel was a rather basic entry into the franchise, which I didn’t find lived up to the other games I just mentioned. Will the sequel impress? Let’s take a look.

The Hype:
Restore your family chain of hotels in this sequel to the famous strategy game! After building her own hotel business, Jane is ready to buy back her family’s chain of once glorious hotels. Explore the world’s latest tendencies in hotel business and make your hotels in France, England, Japan and on the Canaries prosperous! This time Jane has a few more tricks to keep her customers happy – fantastic upgrades and hardworking assistants: the young smart maid and the efficient porter will do their best to be helpful and friendly to the customers. Offer your guests the top-notch service and become a powerful hotelier!

Over 60 fast-paced levels to go
58 Interior Items to purchase
7 upgrades for your characters
Colorful graphics
Game Center Support

Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD for iPad Review

The Reality:
From the first game Jane gained loads of success in the hotel business, but now a number of properties owned by her family are in danger of being lost – so it falls on Jane to try to make them all profitable again and rescue them!

The core of the game is filling customer needs. Someone will check in, which requires a couple of taps and some waiting. Then they might need their room cleaned, so you will enlist the help of a maid; a broken coffee maker will need a porter. Bringing the house phone to them requires Jane. Completing all of the tasks in the required time before you lose customers helps you pass the level.

As you complete each level you are assessed as to whether you met the goals – or perhaps even exceeded the Expert goals. You are rewarded primarily with cash to help you upgrade pretty much everything around you: you can buy Jane some faster shoes to help her move around more quickly, get a coffee maker or other conveniences for customers, or add some decorations to make the hotel more pleasant. The cash you obtain carries over within each hotel but not between hotels.

Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD for iPad Review

Once you have done everything needed in one of your locations, it is time to hit the road to the next hotel in your family’s chain! Each hotel has more challenges than the last, meaning you are always getting pushed a bit harder from level to level and hotel to hotel.

In the end, Jane’s Hotel 2 provided more variation of locations and challenges than the original, keeping me engaged throughout. And while I doubt that time management will ever be my favorite casual game type, I had a blast playing this one and it made me excited to play the newest release from G5 in the subgenre – Jane’s Zoo! Keep your eye out for that review soon, and definitely check this one out now!

Here is the trailer for Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD:

Review: Jane’s Hotel 2 Family Hero HD

Where to Buy: iTunes App Store for the iPhone and iPad

Price: Free with full-game unlock via in-app purchase: $4.99 iPhone or $6.99 iPad

What I Like: Interesting setup; great visuals; variation in areas keeps things interesting; challenging areas; evolving gameplay

What Needs Improvement: Nothing!

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