The Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush Review

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Your teeth are precious. And as tough as they are, they actually need to a good bit of attention if you want them hanging around. Brushing and flossing are a must. Water picks are good too. And while it is easy to get into a healthy routine when you are home, it can be much tougher when you travel or are out and about for a 14 hour work day. That’s where Cenoire’s Eluo Sonic Toothbrush comes in. The Eluo is easy to carry, simple to use and, believe it or not, even looks kind of neat.

Here’s a look.


From Cenoire:

Eluo [?lu?] – v – wash clean; wash away
Designed for people on-the-go, the Eluo toothbrush by Cenoire provides a balance of fashion and oral hygiene packed into a mascara style compact sonic toothbrush. Discretely carry it in your purse, pocket, case or bag while you work, travel or play. Those days of carrying around those big bulky electric toothbrush or an unsanitary toothbrush in your bag are gone. The compact size allows you to travel with this toothbrush while still stay stylish and fashionable wherever you are. Battery operated by 1 AAA Battery (not included) and using the latest electric toothbrush technology, the Cenoire Eluo sonic toothbrush is capable of up to 23,000 brush strokes per minute to ensure your mouth stays fresh and fully clean.

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The company describes the toothbrush’s features in this way:

Battery powered sonic toothbrush

On/Off push button activation

Approximately 23,000 brush strokes/min

Washable and replaceable brushhead (included free replacement brushhead)

Protective cap preventing germs

Duration: 90 days (Usage 2 times/day)

Weight: .88oz

Size: 16.2x 1.85cm (6.38 x 0.7in)

1 AAA Battery required (not included)

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The toothbrush is actually a rather nice package. Made from bright white plastic, it looks and feels quite finished. Putting the battery in takes just a few seconds. Replacing the brush head does too. And using the gadget couldn’t be easier- you simply put some toothpaste on the brush head and press the button. It you press lightly it starts and stops when you release but it you press hard it “locks” into the on position.

The brush claims to move at about 23,000 strokes per minute and I have a feeling that is rather accurate since you really feel it moving… fast! And as with other “sonic” toothbrushes, you simply place the brushhead where it is needed and let IT do the work. After using it for a bit my teeth felt shiny clean. “Fabulous!”

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I was actually impressed with the Eluo Sonic Toothbrush. I like the small, self-contained package. It is easy to tote around and use, in fact I am doing just that now. I like the way in which the rapidly-moving head cleans my teeth without my having to “do the work”. At the same time however, I do wish the brush head were bigger. It really is quite small, and I am used to much larger tooth brush heads. It isn’t that the smaller head prevents it from working, far from it, but I do like something that covers more area at one time. My other issue with the toothbrush is that it comes with just two brush heads. The company says the device is good for 90 days if you use it twice a day. That means for me, someone who brushes 3-4 times a day and tends to be rather hard on my toothbrush I’ll be lucky to get 45-60 days from it. At a price of $24.99 (Amazon has it for $29.95) that is a bit rich, especially since I cannot find a way to easily purchase replacement heads. BUT, if you travel and are committed to taking care of your pearly whites (and you’d rather not use a disposable product like the Colgate WispsThe Cenoire Eluo Sonic Toothbrush Review that Judie always carries in her bag), then this is a neat gadget for doing so!

You can check out the company website here.

MSRP: $24.99

What I Like: Compact; Stylish; Easy to use; Comes with one replacement head

What Needs Improvement: Smallish brush head bugs me; Need easy way to buy replacement heads or the gadget ends up being rather pricey

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