iPhone Backs from The Brooklyn Bakery Store Will Make You Swoon

iPhone Backs from The Brooklyn Bakery Store Will Make You Swoon

If you hate putting your iPhone in a case, but you still want it to look unique and interesting, then you might want to consider one of the imaginative adhesive leather backs from The Brooklyn Bakery Store. Made to resemble natural and unnatural skins, these leather objects of art will really make your iPhone stand out.

This iPhone back is part of the The Brooklyn Bakery’s “Williamsburg Collection”, a collection is inspired by Williamsburg, Brooklyn: a hub of vintage revival, art, music, indie rock, and hipster culture.  Great for those that don’t like the use a case, but would still like some stylish protection.

Priced between $25 and $28, these lovely pieces of eye-candy won’t break the bank … but they may impress the banker. 😉

iPhone Backs | The Brooklyn Bakery Store

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